Saturday, 20 October 2012

My Convo Trip Day 3

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This post was supposed to be published last night but I couldn't connect to the Internet. This hotel suckx max. (Told you not to trust my rating towards a hotel LOL)

I mean. How can this thing happened? I'm born in this technology era, I can die if I'm not connected to the outside world you know! (Like ... virtually, wtf)

Preparing to go out
Our breakfast

Some random shots mami took when we were on the way to school
The car we rented
The REAL library
Pusat Penataran Ilmu dan Bahasa
Waiting for the bus to 1Borneo coz parking fees is too expensive ^^"

In the bus! RM1 per person per trip, cheaper than parking in the building lor :p

Must take a picture of mami to prove that she came, before her memory failed her


Brought mami to Sushi King for lunch

Today I met quite a lot of people leh! This time I met SSIL gang. Though I have no idea why I brought it up coz I'm not really close to them ahaha.

Couldn't resist to buy this when I saw it... Hey I'm a teddie lover ok!
ONCIERGE because CONCIERGE is too mainstream LOL
Taking free shuttle bus back to school

Before going back, mami said I'm too kesian coz I have no photographer, no driver, then when I wanted to take a picture in school also have obstacles (ie raining) so she got me a convo teddie! (She wanted to get me flowers but I rejected coz flowers can't keep ngehehe)

I'm a happy girl~ ^_^ WEE!!!


Ready to go for dinner!
Checking the menu of Rainforest Cafe
Ordered Tomyam and Kampung Fried Rice

I survived another day #like-a-lady!
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