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My Convo Trip Day 4

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I seriously don't know where else to go already. I've brought mami to Suria Sabah, Centre Point, Warisan Square, and even 1Borneo. OMG I'm out of idea.

Before going out
Mami said if I don't take picture with bearbear it will cry

I think I'll name it G-Bear, G for graduation :p

Chicken Rice as breakfast

Since we didn't know where to go or what to do, we just walked around and then we found this place!
Not sure if this is the Jesselton Point wtf
I love mami! She'll do whatever pose I asked her to ♥

See what I mean? ♥

After that, we went to Wisma Merdeka. Didn't notice it's so near to where we stayed! Just walked for awhile then mami decided it has nothing much to see so I started to have headache again. Then mami thought for awhile and said we bought few more clothes, some accessories and a pair of shoes for my convo so she need to buy a backpack to carry on to the plane coz we didn't wanna pay more for the luggage :p So ok lo we decided to go to the nearest shopping centre - Centre Point (yes, again) to buy a bag. Then #soulmate said she's going to Centre Point to have lunch and meet me! So yea we waited for her for like one or two hours and then she said she had to fetch a friend then go to the appreciation dinner with him.

Ok lo I'm a fool, come so early to take people's stuffs and then waited for two hours in a mall for her. Service so good also let people ffk. Is like that wan T.T

Screw her la I better save some time to school and take some photos. Maybe with Cai Yi also, if she will go to school.

With my G-Bear and the school logo as the background ♥
Haiz I have better dress de lo.

While I was taking pictures, a junior came to ask me what's my course, am I working now, where is my work place, and what is the business nature wtf. As if she's scared she can't graduate LOL. I'm graduating anyway what. With a nice job ngehehe.

Anyhow Cai Yi didn't go to school and take picture with me and I still went to #soulmate's apartment to take picture. WHERE TO FIND SUCH GOOD FRIEND I ASK YOU!!!

And we spent like 2 hours looking for carpark space wtf.

• - - - - - - - ๑ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ๑ - - - - - - - •

Papa came this night!!! I finally haz a driver!!! xD No la kidding la wtf.

The sweet couples that grow old together
Dinner time!

My papa and mami ^_^

So yeah that's all for today. Tomorrow is my BIG day!!! So ganjiong leh!!! Few days ago when mami bought travel pack shampoo she found a free mask. So she gave it to me and I've decided to use it tonight. When I applied it on my face, I felt weird but then I thought "whatever" and brushed the feeling off. After a minute or two, I checked the packet to see the instructions. Guess what? IT'S FREAKING HAIR MASK WTF I PUT IT ON MY FACE OMG THIS IS DISASTER I immediately washed it away wtf luckily my face didn't show any symptom of allergy or what wtf.

Hopefully nothing will go wrong tomorrow and I won't trip on the stage wtf.
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