Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Convo Trip Day 7

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Haiz going back dy leh. Our flight is in the evening so we still have plenty of time during the day but I'm really out of idea where else to go :(

Also need to breakfast de ma

Mami suggested to bring papa to Wisma Merdeka but papa is not lady yo he's not interested in shopping or whatsoever wtf. Ended up mami and I went to the shop beside to buy few pairs of shoes before going back to the hotel to check out.

And then! I looked for printing shop coz we need to print out the boarding pass coz our flight was AirAsia ma if counter check in need to pay extra 10bucks wtf. But then the printing shop also cheat one lo!!! Charged me 1buck per piece for printing wtf wtf then keep complaining my pendrive got virus wtf so annoying.

After checking out, we drove to Suria Sabah to show papa how Suria Sabah is like wtf. Eh how to entertain men and oldies ah??? It's not like they like to walk around or shopping or what wtf.

My pop egg milk tea and mami's green tea lemonade from Ochado

I asked the fella to come Gaya Street to pick the car and bring us to the airport (if possible la hehe) coz we don't know how to go to the airport terminal ma. But that fella keep asking us to go to the airport by ourselves coz he's at Tanjung Aru (near the airport) zzz Then he told us if we go to UMS NAO then his brother can send us to the airport. He told us to wait at the place where we picked the car lo (which, to us, is at the Dewan Anjung Siswa but to him, it's at the place where he dropped us which is his house wtf) then a girl gave us the wrong direction lo wtf when we met the fella's brother he's already late to school and couldn't send us to airport. Wtf such a disaster papa keep nagging me for having poor management T.T

I tell you!!! Cai Yi must be the best planner in the whole world I never heard her family complaining their trip also!!!

Anyhow we reached airport one or two hours earlier la so we had KFC as lunch and went to the waiting hall to watch drama 缺宅男女 LOL I saw a lady and a man standing beside to watch together too.

My laptop battery is finished haiz

It was raining heavily lo our flight was delayed :( We're supposed to board the plane at 6.30pm but we board at 7.15pm haiz then so many sockets in the airport, only a few are functioning!!!!!

Suan we're already on the plane before I had my laptop fully charged.

OMG this is like the worst flight ever. There were two toddlers in the plane, one sitting in front of us the other one sitting right behind us. Both of them keep crying and made noise and the one sitting behind keep knocking at our seats lo wtf. And then! As if the captain or whoever-it-is was trying to make things worse, they played Justin Bieber's Boyfriend wtf.

Haiz I had to forfeit my Frankenweenie premiere screening tickets coz I reached home at the midnight T.T

Goodbye study life and hello real working life.
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