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Premiere Screening - Skyfall 29/10/2012

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Today is kinda boring. I think I'm kinda sick coz I sneezed a lot. And haz sore throat. :( I wasn't even concentrate enough to have lunch. I knocked a lady when I was taking my vege and I splattered some of the vege on the floor wtf SORRY I DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE PLEASE DON'T THROW ME TO AFRICA T.T

And after hard 9 hours of researching on my assignment it's finally the moment I've been waiting for!

Thankkiu Nuffnang for giving me a chance to watch this!

My answer to their question: If you are to lead a secret anti-crime organization in Malaysia, what would it do and what would its name be?

Since papa is a big fan of James Bond, I invited him to watch the premiere screening with me. Me good girl anot? ^_^

We went to The Kopitiam to have dinner. Last time I suggested to have dinner there with erjie but it was raining so we changed our mind. I suggested to eat Japanese cuisine, Chinese food, but papa either said he doesn't eat raw food or he said those food were expensive yet not fulling -.- He went to banks to do his business first, then I was like fine, keep walking la we might ended up in The Kopitiam tnb it really appeared in front of us wtf!

The Kopitiam

I kept telling papa there's a Kopitiam which I think the food is considered cheap compared to Japanese cuisines wtf and he kept asking me which kopitiam LOL. The kopitiam's name is Kopitiam la haiyo :p

Papa's chicken rendang and my curry noodle

The food wasn't really good but papa liked the boss's attitude. Although he'll never have dinner there anymore LOL coz the boss told us which food can be eaten which can't coz the food was prepared since the morning and wasn't fresh anymore wtf.

Papa was kinda excited coz it's his favourite James Bond movie so he kept asking me a lot of question when he was queueing with me like why the queue to claim tickets at Nuffnang counter is so long but other counters have no queues, why other people have derivative products other than the movie tickets and how come I don't have, bla bla bla...

But but but! When I went to claim my ticket (omg the guy is so cuuuute! >///<) the lady beside him said "oh congrats you're one of the winner!" I was like what? I won extra prizes also ah???

And then the guy was like err wanna take a picture anot ah (to the lady beside her la) but then I grabbed my prize and my tickets and ran away dy >///<

Premiere Screening ticket + Extra prize!!! ♥

Oh btw here's the comparison of popcorns from both cinemas
Left: Regular popcorn from TGV
Right: Regular popcorn from GSC

Sorry it dragged for so long coz I used to watch movies in JCS and they only have TGV in the mall ^^"

Papa said kinda disappointed coz not many Bond girls LOL ok no spoiler go watch go watch!

3 OPI nail polishes with a voucher for avocado pedicure finishing with lacquer from Colour Culture the OPI Nail Bar ♥♥♥

Yorr why not manicure leh :3

REAL O.P.I. leh! The most expensive nail polish I ever have in my life - FOC!!!

But the color doesn't seem to suit a young person like me AHAHA ^^"

It's actually not so light IRL... Probably because of the light...

OMG I'm so excited until I cough blood. OK sorry I exaggerated but my cough did worsen wtf.
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