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Premiere Screening - TED 16/10/2012

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Remember I kinda complained that I couldn't win a single movie pass?


I won a movie pass that admits 2 person here with the following answer to the question: If you were John in the movie, and Ted came alive, what would be the first thing both of you would do together?

At first I don't think I can win coz there's another blogger who gave the same answer (Nuffnang hasn't approve comments when I commented so I didn't know who commented what) and I thought if "being a ventriloquist" is a good answer she'll be the one who win it but she didn't include her blog link and nuffnangx link so probably that has increase my odd of winning the tickets ngehehe xD

So on Wednesday afternoon after I came back from lunch, unlocked my laptop and open the browser to check for email, and I hyperventilated immediately coz I received an invitation to the premiere screening!!! Then I had a mini heart attack coz the screening is on 16th night while I'm leaving to KK on 17th I thought I couldn't make it wtf.


Ok la I'm like a sua gu :3 Erjie and sanjie also numb already after winning so many contests.

Jann almost fight over my sis coz she wanted to watch it too ahaha SORRY babe she put me at the top of her priority list whenever she won free movie passes so I have to extend the same courtesy to her to ^^

Outfit of the day

Fuyoh I love this one coz I looked slim xD Thankkiu erjie!

Dinner in Mid Valley

Noodles. Be mainstream or not to be. Hmm.
Ice lemon tea. SOON.

Her noodles with soya sauce chicken
My cheesy carbonara noodles with prawns.
Dammit I just ruined my diet.


Our seats were M1 and M2, which were quite near to the screen and they're at the side of the cinema Like that nev'mind. The aircond is right above us, freezing us to death. Also nev'mind. The worst thing is, IT DRIPS!!! Then the cinema was full house I couldn't move to a better place T.T Luckily the drips weren't frequent so I still can tolerate.

And then! As if I'm not suay enough, there's technical problem where the screen went black and we can only hear audio! I was like oh God why give me free movie passes and now I can't even watch the movie in whole THIS IS ONE HELL OF AN EXPERIENCE wtf T_____T Thank goodness the technician (or whoever they are) fixed the problem and rewind-ed so that we can watch the part we missed.

And this is like the epic moment of the movie but it was cut out of the movie -.-
HAHAHAHAHA aww I want a thunder buddy too.

They also censored the one sentence Ted said to the store manager wtf.

Anyhow, it has both touching and funny elements! Nao watch it!

p.s: C'mon Fairy Godmother I wanna win the passes for other movie contests I've joined too xD Many thanks in advance! I could totally use it since I'm a movie lover ^^"

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

Ok I'm fking gan jiong now I can shit brix already coz I don't know if I've packed all the stuffs I will/may/shall need for the convo wtf and I don't have short heels shoes this is a disaster T.T Didn't wanna risk it by wearing high heels shoes especially we have procession LATER I TRIP HOW HOW HOW!!!

Gee tripping on the stage seemed to be everyone's nightmare that hardly happens.

Alright cuppycakes gotta go to bed and get ready for the journey that starts tomorrow! Goodnight!
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