Sunday, 14 October 2012

Random Outings~

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Jann took her regalia yesterday so she asked me to go over her house to take a photo together! :D

Also Jann said her sis wanna learn how to makeup I thought it was great coz we can put on makeup and take photos with her in her regalia. (Ok I missed the next part where Jann said it's her sis's makeup and skin care class for Mary Kay.)

So this is how I looked like after the makeup class:

Hm. Still looked fat as ever but I've successfully got rid of 2kgs ngehehe. But still can't make it to my convo day la aih. :(

With her Ted and Graduating Pooh

You see la. There are people who wanna gain weight but just can't. While the other group of people who wanna lose weight but just can't either. Why can't we achieve equilibrium wtf.

Then I went to Greenbox JCS to sing k with erjie and sanjie!!! Ok I was wrong about touch screen menu, it IS better ^^" Sorry lo I haven't been to JCS to sing k quite long jor ma.

Haiya thought can visit ahma tim but she's at Johor.

Now I'm just waiting for the right day to go sing k with the Groupon voucher

Now who's up for a sing k session???
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