Friday, 26 October 2012

Today iz Holiday ^_^

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After coming back from convo trip, I had to start working reluctantly. First day blue eh... ><

Then only I realized today is public holiday so I ajak-ed bff and #soulmate to hangout at The Mines coz I was kinda stress at work wtf. OMG can't believe we started to talk about work already rather than assignments T_T time flies that fast huh.

Since bff mentioned in her blog that her outing "must include movie/makan session" (eh I remember one ok!) so we went to check out the movie list at TGV. And we chose Sinister coz I won a ticket for Frankenweenie heee ^^

The scary part is like so little only. But bff and #soulmate were covering their eyes most of the time and #soulmate even took off her specs so she won't be scared!!! AWW THANKS TO BOTH OF THEM, THIS IS MY FIRST TIME WATCHING HORROR MOVIE IN CINEMA!!! ♥ MUAX MUAX MUAX!!!

YAY I finally can strike out "watch horror movie in cinema with friends" from my list!!!

And then I went to have hair treatment in the Derrick & Team hairdressing and spent the most expensive hair cut/treatment in my life (yet) but turned out it was ok :D

Since bff need to join her family, I brought #soulmate for a cheap Starbucks drink (LOL only 20% off la)

Showing my hair after treatment and fringe cut...
With the voucher LOL
Starbucks 20% discount voucher!
The barista always have my name wrongly spell one.
Doesn't matter, haz a smiley face =)
#soulmate trying to ruin her chocolate cream LOL

Sorry for such little photos and bff is not even in them coz I forgot I haz the camera in my bag until I finished my hair treatment session ^^"

Tomorrow I'll go to Sunway Pyramid with erjie to redeem my Frankenweenie ticket from the contest here (coz I passed the one I won from Nuffnang ^^")
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