Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wrong Meme Rage

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Today we're supposed to watch The Bullet Vanishes. But erjie said she wanna have dim sum breakfast and we won't be able to go on time to watch it if we have breakfast so they called it off. What to do, not my tickets also T.T

Doesn't matter, I've found some other thing to rant about lol. Woman's logic.

I get to know about 9gag since... Last year if not mistaken. It just got popular all of a sudden and everyone tried to create their own rage comics based on their own #truestory.

Oh btw lemme explain the usage of hashtags. I used it for memes in words.

For example,

this is the "true story" meme.

It annoyed some 9gaggers. Maybe they abused the usage, or maybe they don't appreciate the usage of hashtags in 9gag because of twitter...?

Before I proceed, lemme give you a short lesson on memes.

Meme, read "meem", not "meh-meh" or "mi-mi". Common mistakes done by the general public. Other information please google yourselves wtf.

This is me gusta face, which is "I like" in Spanish. Used when you liked the action mentioned in the comic. NOT SOME ANGRY OR DISGUSTING EXPRESSION OK.

This is the "LOL" face, used during the regular LOL moment. NOT KISSING OR SUCKING EXPRESSION OK.

This is "if you know what I mean" meme, used when you have some "sexy" elements in your comic #IYKWIM

And look at these comics.


LOL face for confession??? #AreYouFuckingKiddingMe
之前都没有很爱啰 - WHAT YOU LIKE??? #fliptable

你知道接下来该怎么做的??? Where's le sexy scene?!

This... Direct translate of bitchplease 婊子拜托 wtf.

Ok la the last one is direct translation coz they used mandarin ma wtf. But everytime I see the comics in my fb wall I feel like

Please, understand the meaning of the meme face before creating a rage comic, not just throw in the memes because it looked like the expression you "thought" it is. Annoys me to no end wtf. Not that I can do anything coz I only have very few readers and friends around me doesn't know meme #okay.jpg

Thankkiu Dr Zoidberg.
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