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Baskin Robin Finale 23/11/2012

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Woohoo! Baskin Robin Finale ROCKS!

Company management decided to have staff meeting today pulak. My colleague told me new staffs will be asked to perform something other than introducing ourselves and usually the meeting will end at 7pm (registration of Baskin Robin Finale starts at 7pm leh!!!) and then there'll be massive traffic jam.

Omfg scared the bricks outta me wtf. Thank goodness we're not asked to perform anything and the meeting ended at 6.10pm.

But I asked papa to fetch sanjie first and then only come fetch me so I waited for almost an hour for them. SCUMBAG PEOPLE Y U NO GO HOME AT 5PM MAKING THE TRAFFIC JAM AS HELL wtf.

When we reached Publika, it's already 8pm. Luckily the registration is still ongoing.

Look at the crowd
Free flow ice creams!!!!!
This stand should be printed like this:"10 more minutes to your registration from this point onwards" coz the queue was thiiiiiiiiiis long (spread arms as far as possible)
While waiting in the queue to register
Supposedly I got the orange shirt coz I voted for World Class Chocolate but sanjie keep saying orange shirt is ugly :( Then I think the registrar overlooked the lines and said my shirts' size is out and they can only give me free size's so I just take it ^^".
The shirt
"It's time for an Ice Cream Revolution!"
Sorry for the poor quality, sanjie was holding a lot of stuffs hee ^^"

Om nom nom ♥
The bloggers representing respective campaigns

And then I spotted her!!!
Made my heartbeat skipped zomg I can't believe I met my favourite blogger!!! *shy* I tried to look for Timothy as well but everytime I sees him he wasn't with Aud la yorr when I finally found both of them standing together they're leaving dy -.-

Sanjie and me keep queuing for the ice cream coz it's FREE FLOW yo!

p.s.: I met Edwin with Remy and Wai Yen in their orange shirt!

Of course we utilized their display board hehe
Left: I ♥ BR Ice Cream!
Right: World Class Chocolate flavored ice cream

There was another display board at the other side and scumbag teens took other flavored ice cream board away before I can take picture wtf.

This is what I have left
And the mascot :D

We didn't stay till end of the event la coz keep on queuing and eating also tired one ma :p so we asked papa to fetch us at 10pm.

Btw the winner is Pralines n' Cream and from Monday onwards, everytime you buy any Double Junior Scoop on weekdays from 10am - 3pm you'll be able to have free upsize for your ice cream for a whole year!!!
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