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Kuan's Convo 3/11/2012

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Update: All photos uploaded! Ribuan terima kasih to Jann coz she emailed me all the photos!!!

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Most of the precious photos are with Jann. Ya I know, time to invest in a camera. I'm saving, really. Gimme some time. Or make a donation. My email is please email me for my account number wtf. Ribuan terima kasih wtf.

I think I really had fallen sick on Friday coz I couldn't breathe properly through my nose with all the mucus stuck in it :( And I haz sore throat T.T

But it's Kuan's convo die die also must go!

Her session was in the morning but we went in the afternoon coz limited seats for the graduands' guests ma if we go that early also have to wait right.

Since Yin haz car so Jann and I went to her house to go together. (Fuyoh finally Yin "pou tau" (Cantonese: Appeared)!) So hard to jio wan ok! Sometimes even ffk us wtf. But recently she has difficulties so can't blame her la hmph.

I kept thinking my makeup doesn't look good. I looked like a sanako wtf. Yin said my eyes were red, probably because of the contact lens. On our way to Uniten when we stopped at a traffic light, I keep wanted to scare the driver beside LOL wtf, brain!

After we parked in Uniten, we start walking to the Dewan. We stopped a few guys who passed by to ask for direction, and the one in regalia asked:"You're Yik Kuan's friends?" WHOA SO FAMOUS AH KUAN O.O We just stopped them for direction and they knew we're looking for you wtf.

Near the library... Not sure where should we head ahaha ^^"
Oh look, there're some guys... Should we ask them for direction???
When we told Kuan about it, Kuan said probably because she brought us for a tour in Uniten previously and her friends recognize Jann coz they think Jann is pretty T____________________T Can you hear my heart break CAN YOUUUUU

Bunch of shallow guys wtf. *sour* Like I'm not. Wtf.

We walked until we reached a place where a lot of people are having feast o.O (How come our university doesn't have feast wan?!?!) We had some drinks before we continue to look for Kuan coz we were hot and thirsty hahaha :p
The most lucky girl coz she haz all her family members and jimuis attending her convo =)
Trying to be 背后灵 LOL
YAY! Finally a picture of four of us! ^_^
We all graduated dy *shed tears*
Shapo's sis. Claimed to be my laogong since I was 16 LOLOLOL

Shapo's bro who's also my bro's friend.
It's hard not to be friends when everyone in the same area went to the same school.
OMG Look we're so excited that all of us have graduated =D
Another picture of us ^_^
Must-have pose!
Her cute mom ^^

After a "long" photography session for 10 minutes, half an hour max, we left coz Yin need to get her photos from her university while I was suppose to go to Jann's house for the makeup class.

But of course we took somemore pictures in her campus before leaving la LOL takkan come for 10 minutes only meh :p

Some normal poses

And "the wind blows" 大风吹 LOLOLOL
Jann super love this teddy bear earrings

It was raining heavily and the parking lot in UKM was half uncovered so I helped Yin to park the car while both of them went to get their business done. And this is what happened when you leave me alone in the car.
A less creepy photo of me ^^"

Try-and-error for almost 1000 takes just to get one like this. My handphone suxx. Again, please email me for my account number so you can make donation to me wtf. Ribuan terima kasih again wtf.

Since Kuan had her lunch with her family already so we just went to Old Town.
My steamed rice with ginger chicken

When we reached Jann's house, she just realized her family was out -_- So we just head to The Mines to watch movie. But she didn't wanna watch Silent Hill :( And there's no other nice movies available so we went to look for a shop to haz hi-tea.

There are koolam display!
Someone picked up a new hobby :p
It was me la actually. She did it because I asked her to ^^" Picked up the habit of taking pictures for blog from Cai Yi and erjie. And because I hiao ma. ^^"

Then we agreed to go to Sakae Sushi to haz green tea and a plate of sushi each coz we were still full from lunch ahaha.

We are 做作女 wtf xD
They have touch screen menu leh! #notbad.jpg

We thought we smelled something burnt when we drink the tea. Turned out it was the roasted brown rice LOL
I drank hot green tea for like hundred cups. Serious one! My sore throat seems better now :p

Random shot

And then I found something in their screen saver we were so bohliao we decided to capture the screen xD
Patience is the key. ... ...
HAHAHAHA nothing better else to do wtf
Taking picture of the doggie which looked like froggie at my angle wtf

Nah the actual photo:
Dish name: Puppy Love (Deep-fried potatoes with chocolate chip)
Pictures really ARE for illustration purposes only. =( This puppy doesn't look cute at all.
And then it's ruined with the soy sauce already =(
Dish Name: Mr Cheeky (Breaded scallop with mashed potato)

When I'm waiting for mami to fetch me back, I waited at the main entrance and was chatting with Jann. Then a black lady (Sorry not being racist here) approached me to tell me she liked my dress! :D She even asked me where did I buy it and she was kinda disappointed when I told her it's from Sabah :x
OOTD wtf

So that's the end of it. Thanks for being patience and finish my entry coz I know I'm too fleshy to appear here wtf.

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