Thursday, 8 November 2012

Premiere Screening - Pitch Perfect 7/11/2012

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I'm crazy. And I'm lucky. Am I crazily lucky or luckily crazy? Wtf.

My work place is kinda hectic and I'm almost back to my upside-down-life (yea can't sleep during day time but I progress slower T.T) yet I still participate in Nuffnang's contest for premiere screening's passes, which the movies are screened during the night. And my recent posts are mostly about premiere screenings. I guess other than winning free passes for premiere screening I have nothing else to do for entertainment already haiz.

Q: If you were the criminals of operation Cold War, how would you have kidnapped the most advanced police van with 5 highly-trained officers in it?

My sis was right. I'm delusional.

Siao one. This is just the 4th movie pass I won from Nuffnang (5 overall) I didn't even win movie passes for Soar Into the Sun (coz I gave bff my luck of winning a contest so she can land a job in Singapore) and #soulmate doesn't feel excited for me anymore WHYYYYY

You might wonder, if I won tickets for Cold War then how come my title says "Pitch Perfect"? Now here's my first world problem: Erjie won passes for Pitch Perfect Premiere Screening too so I had to ffk for Cold War coz I prefer watching the former movie rather than the latter one wtf.

I believe my karma will come after me coz I RSVP-ed for the movie but didn't turn up :(


Pitch Perfect!!! ♥
This time we get to sit at M11 and M12, close to the middle! =D Erjie said I will like Burlesque a lot too if I like Pitch Perfect. If Pitch Perfect is great, then Burlesque is awesome!!! Argh!!! HOW CAN THIS HAPPENED TO ME!!! *PULLS HAIR* #depressed wtf

Oh a little warning though, it has one or two gross scenes so please be mentally prepared la wtf.

Ok no more premiere screening contests for awhile. Nuffnang haz new Twilight contest but the screening place is too far la better let other people go (cheh like I'm winning definitely wtf. I told you I'm delusional) wtf. Kthxbye.
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