Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Premiere Screening - Rise of the Guardian 20/11/2012

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Note to #soulmate: I know what you gonna say. Don't say anything yet. I had a breakthrough. Just.Wait.And.See.

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I didn't get the tickets from Nuffnang.

This morning when I was at work, OneFM called to inform me that I've won the premiere screening for the movie Rise of the Guardian at Tropicana City Mall! Fuyoh I didn't know why I answered that phone also coz I have telephone phobia wtf.

Since erjie is still with her bf then I had to look for another kaki aih. So I let my brother to go with me.

It's a 3D movie!

Movie not bad la I somemore heard someone said it's an early Christmas present for her friend LOL.

So cheapskate la me keep looking for contests and try winning them. Maybe #soulmate is right I can follow QiuQiu's direction, keep finding for free stuffs and tell people where to find. But scumbag contest organizers only open contests during working hours HOW DO I JOIN THEM LAAAA

Ok la time to sleep. Bye.
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