Saturday, 17 November 2012

Random Saturday

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Today I was supposed to sleep at home dispiritedly. Then mami woke us all up so we can haz lunch with papa.

And then when we're having lunch, Jann told me Yin had time and asked me if I wanna hang out. So I told them to meet me at Times Square.

From dispiritedly slacking at home --> Meet papa at KL for lunch --> Hang out with Jann and Yin. So happening wtf.

Since there's nowhere special to sit and chat in Times Square, we went to Lot 10 and haz dessert while chatting. Then we walked to Pavilion and took a few pictures.

In front of Pavilion
It's not even mid month yet and most of the malls/shops have already put up decoration for Christmas.
And I introduced Pop Egg Milk Tea to both of them. Good to see they liked it ^_^

And then! I saw a baby dressed as the Mad Hatter SO CUTE so I took a picture of him. Then I heard a lady said "you're on the camera!" and a lot of giggles. The baby's mom was standing right behind me wtf! o.O

While we're randomly walking around Pavilion we found a slut wtf

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Wtf I don't even.

At the end of the day, we finally get to meet Yin's mysterious bf!

Mm that's all for today. Kthxbai.
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