Monday, 31 December 2012

O.P.I Pedicure and Movie! ♥

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It's the last day of 2012 I didn't wanna spend it on work nor just staying at home so I took leave on this day. But it didn't end very well T.T

So the first thing I did was to renew my IC in Solaris Dutamas. Their service is super fast I don't even have to take leave in the first place! I reached at 7.44am and it's done within 5 minutes! :O So I'll have a new IC after about 3 weeks!

And then I went to Pavilion to redeem my free pedicure! Remember the O.P.I. voucher I won from Nuffnang's contest?

It wasn't open yet so I went to Starbucks and haz a Java Chip and online awhile ♥

(Shiat I dropped my phone on the floor and the photos I took during the pedi is gone T_____T)

Anyway. My feet is nao clean and radiant! :]

Yin said she's free wanna watch movie with me today! And then she said don't know how her arrangement then ended up we didn't hang out together -.- Also because I ajak-ed my tuition mate to have late lunch/dinner so I decided to watch movie ALONE #foreveralone.

My god I have finally resort to this wtf NUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

Somemore the only movie available during that slot was The Collector.

Super meh.

And the day ended with a miss call from MyFM wtf I missed another prize again argh and a nais dinner with my tuition mate Wei Sin.
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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Random Movie Day

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I cannot tahan dy la! No one wanna watch The Hobbit with me :3

So I came to the last resort: I dragged ahkit to watch with me. I bribed him with popcorn and softdrinks wan ok.

Boy I should have come another day, or make online booking to get better seats.

First, there are 2 families who brought their kids to watch the movie, one sitting at the row in front of us, the other one sitting at the row behind us. The kids just won't keep quiet and talk non-stop wtf.

Second, the lengmuis sitting beside me very annoying la. When the Gollum showed up, they keep saying it's ugly wtf. Then when the Orc was about to chop Thorin's head, they keep screaming "OMG THEY'RE GONNA CHOP HIS HEAD *cover face and scream*" and more screams wtf -_-

OK tomorrow is the last day of this year already! Will do something so it won't go wasted!
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Friday, 28 December 2012

Gathering @ 27/12/2012

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Fuyoh it's the first time Yin asked us out! But they both wanna watch CZ12 leh argh I just have to watch one more time hmph.

I wanna watch The Hobbits la!!! :3

Anyway, since I didn't see both Yin and Kuan for a long time dy, I went to meet them at Times Square via LRT interchange monorail. Compared to KTM, LRT and monorail is a liiiiil bit better than KTM, at least it's not as squeezy.

Times Square got musical stairs leh!

Not sure what this is called. Interesting tiles!
Us! On the musical stairs!
It better is!!!

But! I found something. There's a contest for CZ12 in selected GSC cinemas! And Times Square is one of it! Just like Cold War contest, all you need to do is buy at least 2 tickets from selected cinemas (GSC Berjaya Times Square, GSC Alamanda Putrajaya, GSC Terminal One Seremban and GSC Berjaya Megamall Kuantan), fill in the form provided at the cinemas and attach the 2 ticket stubs, dump into the box prepared by the cinemas, then you'll stand a chance to win grand prizes!

After the movie, Yin's bf suggested to go for supper coz he's hungry. So we went to Wing's cafe to yamcha~

Will plan to sing k soon woohoo! I didn't sing for very long dy!!! *Looking forward to that day*

Have a good night, girls! ^^
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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas & Eve!

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Let me greet you the programmer's way wtf (stolen from WC):

function greetings(religion)
     if (religion == Christian)
          alert("Merry Christmas!");
          alert("Happy Holiday!");

Erjie went to Christmas parties since yesterday, sanjie was still in the hostel and parents weren't at home last night. Leaving me and ahkit at home, the internet had become so boring that we started to play board games while counting down towards Christmas.
We played chess at first
After I lost for 0-999 in chess, we played monopoly instead. It took longer time to end LOL. Kit declared bankrupt coz he landed on my property with 4 houses lolol

The house started to attract termites and making the residents unhappy. I didn't wanna stay at home, but Jann went to shop for her utilities to Japan with her parents, Kuan hasn't come back from her Thailand trip, Yin is busy taking care of her mother, even #soulmate has her service/duty to do during Christmas while erjie attending one party after another (OMG I have so few friends T.T), I decided to go to Wangsa Walk and hangout with wc and his friends. #foreveralone

I told him if I didn't see him at the exit of the LRT he owed me movie bwahaha today I haz free movie wtf.
At one point in the movie, the ladies keep shrieking due to their terror wtf sibeh annoying

And hor we came to BoxOffice Cafe for lunch (Milo Phing, WC and me hadn't eat yet) and dinner (WC's friends were hungry already) wtf
WC said who got their pay already have to treat.

This is one hell of an awkward Christmas I have ever had. Now I only wish that the termites will leave my home alone.
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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Shopping Part 2

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Erjie wanna go for Christmas shopping too so I went with her to see if I can get anything for my male colleagues. If we have time we probably can go to the Big Bad Wolf book fair too!

But today didn't seem to end well.

I couldn't find candy cane anywhere la why no one is selling candy cane! What is Christmas without candy cane wtf.

And then! We went to have dinner first before continuing our shopping. That was one hell of a dinner! I asked for honey lemon tea but the waiter got me leongcha wtf. Nev'mind loh he prepared another one. Waited until erjie's food is served then only they serve me my drink. We thought they're out of lemon and they need to buy one wtf. Then! Erjie said her fried rice was the worst fried rice she's ever eaten. I mean. It was anchovy fish fried rice leh ffs! Lidat also can be tasteless until she had to add some soy sauce to give some taste wtf. Luckily my kungpou shrimp is still ok.

Then hor my sandals broken!!! O_O HOW CAN THIS THING HAPPEN TO ME WTF. I had to walk like I'm limp and we went to all the shoe shops but couldn't find a pair that I like wtf. Since I'm going to buy a new one, might as well buy one that I really like lor.

I finally found some Christmas hair accessories! Am attaching the accessories on the pressies for female colleagues so they can wear tomorrow ahaha :p I don't think guys will put on hair accessories la unless they're hat right? Somemore not sure if there'll be anyone who wear Christmas hair accessories in the office tim. Hmm. Nev'mind I'll be the first one :p

Ok time to sleep and be Santarina tomorrow!
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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Shopping

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Since we survived the doomsday, of course have to hang out and celebrate la! xD

Ok lah to tell the truth, I wanna do some Christmas shopping coz my colleagues gave me pressies leh so how can I do nothing for those who helped me a lot!

Sheldon is so damn right wtf. I know you think you are being generous, but the foundation of gift giving is reciprocity. You haven't given me a gift. You've given me an obligation wtf.

Btw, normally what Christmas present usually one can get for guys ah? :s

Today Jann very geng leh! No incidents! *applause* But the weather seemed to troll us wtf. When we're in H&M and about to leave, it rained! So we looked for cheap umbrella in the whole building and when we're done buying, it stopped wtf -.-

Anyhow, we managed to watch Life of Pi in 3D coz tomorrow no more jor!

Fucking hyena still wanna eat the zebra and the orang utan when they're on the sea surviving from the shipwreck wtf.

I think Pi's second story is the truth but I rather believe in his first story lorh.

Ok! Who's up for The Hobbits!
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Doomsday 21/12/2012

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MEH. Not even close to it. No fallen darkness for 3 days, no power cut, no tsunami. I somemore received Christmas pressie during work leh wtf IS THERE ANY PRESENT EXCHANGE OCCASION GOING ON AND I'M NOT INFORMED AH?!

Troll teddie (press left palm to sing Christmas song, sibeh noisy when in the office wtf)
Japan-imported potato fries (3 bucks for half packet of it wtf... But very delicious leh)
Gingerbread Man (why is it named "gingerbread" when it's not a bread?)
One #foreveralone Ferrero Rocher
Famous Amos goodies bag

Nuffnang has this contest for the premiere screening of Parental Guidance and what nuffnangers need to do is to answer the question "When you become grandparents 50 years from now, how would you impress your modern grandkids?"

Screening Details:
Date: 2nd January 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 9:30pm
Venue: Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve

I'd like to win the tickets and I know I can coz I have this awesome idea (well... not at all original also wtf aih but how come no one come up with this answer!!!) but the venue is so far and the start time is so late I don't think I wanna go also.

Very sien wan you know when one has such awesome idea but one cannot share it coz one does not want to rebut the chance to win the ticket with other people who really can go and watch! So here goes my answer:
I will collect all resources I can - movies, newspaper cuttings, recordings from the radio stations, news report, video clips and images shared on the internet - everything about zombie apocalypse (read sample news link here) AND Doomsday (which was yesterday, according to current timestamp, and my colleague said apparently Satan has poor project management that He couldn't deliver the doomsday on time so it has to be postponed till year 2015) so that 50 years later when I become granny, I can show my grandkids that their granny survived the zombie apocalypse and Doomsday #like-a-boss!

Awesome or what! xD If any of you used my answer to win the contest, let me know can? At least I can share the happiness with the participant who win the tickets because of my answer hee :) Also to show that my answer really can win the tickets, not just I said only :p

I saw some 9gaggers said all of us should get our stories straight about the doomsday so that when we tell stories to our grandkids, we can tell them we survived the doomsday #like-a-boss! Seriously, why no one do that! Newspapers should publish news on this and people should keep the newspaper cutting so they can show their grandkids as proof LOL.

Nev'mind, now I have better idea. I'll still keep all resources about zombie apocalypse and the doomsday, and when I become granny 50 years later, I will tell my grandkids the same story I prepared above and if they don't believe me, I will add in another story - that we have alien intrusion and only I survived, while other people were abducted and were brainwashed so they couldn't remember how they survived both the events and they can only say that the events weren't true so they don't have to explain how they survived! WAO I SHOULD BE THE SCRIPTWRITER SHOULDN'T I! And film the mash-up of zombie apocalypse, doomsday and alien intrusion!

Ahem sorry I got carried away a bit. If you're not nuffnanger, ChurpChurp has Churpremiere for the same movie too! (Click me) Just go to their event page here and answer the question "What pranks will you pull on grandpa Artie if you are one of the kids?"

This one I cannot help la coz I'm not good at trolling people and I don't troll oldies wan :p

If you're not a Churper yet, click on one of the #Churprise at my left sidebar to join! :D But don't make mistake like what #soulmate did la LOL remember to use the email you registered with ChurpChurp when you fill in the submission form!

Alright then happy winning the contests! And Happy Belated Winter Solstice! And Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year! Btw, if you didn't watch Les Misérables, search for the songs I dreamed a dream by Anne Hathaway and Do You Hear the People Sing - they're AWESOME!
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Friday, 21 December 2012

[Compensation] Premiere Screening - Les Misérables 20/12/2012

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Related entry: Premiere Screening - Les Misérables 14/12/2012


Gave it to erjie's friend to kao-lui last Friday but due to some technical problem they weren't able to watch it. And they couldn't make it for the compensation. IT'S DESTINED MAN.

Nev'mind. It's already the past so just enjoy the movie!

Today mood down down dei aih so I bought ice cream from Gelato Fruity wtf. No wonder my diet never works.

Then hor Nuffnang girl told me my email is not in the list.


But she still gave me a pair of tickets lah T^T

GSC Mid Valley gotta work out their management lah! Last Friday they couldn't show the movie due to technical problem, today the movie is delayed for almost one hour! It should have start at 9.25pm, but we entered the hall at 10.15pm! Most of the audiences left before the movie start. I'm guessing they didn't wanna stay up too late coz they have work tomorrow.

Erjie and I was so patience lor wtf. But we couldn't enjoy the movie at its best also coz we told papa to fetch us at 12.30 and it still wasn't ending and we just hope it will end soon wtf. Scumbag management. Erjie said probably Nuffnang want us to die together in the cinema during the end of the world so they purposely delayed the movie time LOL wtf.

I'm not sure if I know how to appreciate this kind of movie anot ahaha you justify yourself. Nao watch it!

Erjie taught me a way of sending picture from my phone to laptop without using bluetooth or USB ahaha so next time you peeps will be able to see more photos :)

Goodnight sweetiepies!
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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Premiere Screening - Jack Reacher 18/12/2012

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Today is one awkward day. Ahem. Nev'mind about that.

Remember I wondered whether Nuffnang and ChurpChurp will cross check their winner for movie premiere? TURN OUT ONE PERSON CAN WIN FROM BOTH COMPANIES!

Here's the "pic or it didn't happen"!
Nuffnang Q: What do you think Jack Reacher was doing the entire time he disappeared under the radar?

#Churpremiere Q: If you were Jack Reacher, how would you disguise yourself to stay alive?

WOOHOO! Mystery revealed! To compensate papa for being my driver I decided to bring my whole family (um... Not all la... Sanjie in hostel can't join, so erjie let papa/mami watch the movie lor) to watch the movie! ^_^

I personally think it's ok ok only lar... Mami slept through the movie wtf papa said very nais! Guess this is a guy movie hah.

And then I got a lot of badges from them ahaha.

Ok folks have a good night sleep! Hope the dark cloud will gone soon. May God bless everyone!
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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Premiere Screening - Here Comes The Boom! 17/12/2012

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This week also very happening I hope I can tahan LOL wtf.

Today went for a movie with #soulmate! Because the movie is screened in GSC Paradigm Mall.

I tell you! Paradigm mall is like a maze - papa had to U-turn a few times to find the drop off place and ended up we went into the car park so he can drop me and paid RM1 for 10minutes wtf scumbag shopping malls parking lot.

Q: Come up with an awesome caption for the picture above, and share how Scott motivates himself before every match.

It's been quite some time since I win merchandises from Nuffnang leh :3

Yorr my laptop spoilt jor I cannot bluetooth my picture to the PC and upload it :3

That's all lah. Oldies can't stay up too late. G'night cuppycakes!
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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Premiere Screening - Les Misérables 14/12/2012

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I believe in karma wan.

So I helped my sis's friend to court a girl by giving out my premiere screening tickets I won with my precious luck to them.
If you know what I'm trying to say

Won this premiere screening ticket from Nuffnang.
Question by Nuffnang: If you were to court a French guy/girl that you’ve just met, how would you do it?
Thankkiu Google Translate!
Question by Churp Churp:If you could choose a song to represent your dream, what would it be and why?

Actually hor I wonder can one person win from both Nuffnang and ChurpChurp then I can invite 3 friends to watch with me ahaha so greedy :p but I think both the companies will cross check la so they can invite more of their people (as in churpers/nuffnangers la) to watch. Right anot right anot???

Nev'mind I went to watch My Sassy Hubby nevertheless.

王祖蓝 very funny la hahaha

When I reached home, I saw Nuffnang and ChurpChurp apologized to audiences who watched Les Misérables. Turned out they had technical problem and they couldn't watch the movie! Kesian erjie's friend we watched so many times also nothing happened then her friend watched premiere screening for the first time then got technical problem fhl wanna kao-lui also cannot LOL.
But Jackie said he had a nice night la so at least it make up for the movie issue lor.

Btw I got a 2013 planner for purchasing popcorn!

Also also GSC has a surprise for the audience!
I checked mine jor, nothing wor. Maybe next time la heee :p

Sleep tight sugarpies!
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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Game Plan

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Cheat you all to read my blog post again wtf. Nope this is not review of the movie <The Game Plan>.

Last week my laptop just broke down like that. From what my colleague/friend told me, either the screen is GG or graphic card problem. My phone can't load whatsapp coz the connection problem I also don't know why wtf. Scumbag gadgets. Now I can only use house PC to surf internet. Actually during lunch hour also can la but company blocked a lot of websites wor. Plus I always have to "fight" KitKit and mami to use PC wtf. Time for me to buy new laptop la.

And then hor! Today I'm suppose to go clubbing de lo! Coz I won the invitation to JUICE 10th Anniversary at Avenue K wtf my friends all either not free to go or don't want to go! Even erjie went to watch The Hobbit with her bf hmph!

Go see see look look also can lor yerr why everyone just wanna go home and sleep wtf I didn't ask to stay until late night or drink alcohol also... #fliptable.jpg

Feel sibeh forever alone la me. Wanna find movie (or clubbing) kaki also don't have. Now wanna ask for credit card information also don't know how :( Who is working in banking industry now can give me information on credit cards?
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Monday, 10 December 2012

Outing with Sis @ Sunway Pyramid 9/12/2012

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Suddenly my weekend so happening I tak boleh tahan o.O

Erjie suddenly asked me whether wanna go ice skating or not. Then of course I said OK lah I haven't been hanging out with her quite long dy. Nah movie invitations don't count ha.

So before playing ice skating, we went to have late lunch first. Erjie suggested Delicious wtf. Just had it few days ago with my colleagues (Owh my wallet)

Scumbag KitKit haven't start earning then tried to spend ALL my money dy coz I said the lunch is on me ma coz none of them have income yet wtf being an adult sucks wtf.

Ice skating time!

Kitkit sibeh talented lo he went for the first time he skates he skates right!!! I just skated at the side wtf #shame My legs were stiff wtf not sure if too cold or too nervous.

Jackie's friend work at there so we had dinner together.

Erjie brought us to Juice Works to have a drink first I ordered Cookies and Cream coz I don't wanna be mainstream LOL ok lah I don't feel like wanna drink a mixture of different juice :x

And I immediately regretted coz they had steamboat right after that and I couldn't eat much T_T

And then when we're back home I kena lectured wtf so much to do for growing up.

My world is no longer rainbows and unicorns :(
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Sunday, 9 December 2012

E House Theatre 8/12/2012

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Jann ajak-ed me to watch the E House Theatre coz it was organized by her university mates and I was interested to watch theatre so I promised to go. At first I thought wanna do a bit testing in the morning since the theatre is held during the night but she told me she'll fetch me at 11am after work so we can hang out a bit so I stayed home.

Scumbag Jann postpone her time and fetch me near 2pm. Dude I got appraisal soon leh wanna make me lose my job also use other way la wtf.

So 2pm we went to Mid Valley first lo since Jann said wanna buy pants from Uniqlo coz she said they're selling it at RM49.90 wor. Then hor this Jann nearly took her car's life (and mine wtf) when she tried to park in Mid Valley parking lot I don't even. #facepalm.jpg

She needs someone to take care of her.

Luckily she gave a ride to a friend whom is a guy. I don't mean to be stereotype la but imho I do think guys drive better lorh.

And then Jann's scumbag GPS brought us around KL-PJ wtf further and further from the destination Taman Danau Desa where the theatre is organized.

But still we reached one hour before the show starts la.

Picture taken from the album of E house
The guy eside me is Jann's friend whom she gave a ride while guy beside Jann is the director of the theatre whom is their friends *feeling left out wtf luckily I sat in the middle wtf*

Visit their page they have events coming up! I like their show :D
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Friday, 7 December 2012

Rise of the Guardian Merchandise!

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See I purposely redeem my prizes at a different day so I can make an individual post out of it :p

Won it on the 16th last month actually but ChurpChurp took one week to prepare the prizes and I only have time to collect it today coz last week was quite hectic and previous week we haz farewell lunch with a senior in my team.

I think my luck has worn out. Extended to my family members somemore wtf. See ha. On Tuesday, mami's car broke down. Then mami drove papa's car to send us to work ma. We thought it's gonna break down also this evening but turned out she locked the car so it can't be switched on wtf. And then my laptop screen won't work anymore T.T Not sure if it's the graphic card or the screen problem. And and and I tried to install Visual Studio 2012 in my company's laptop but scumbag Visual Studio keep having error installing and I have to restart over and over again to restart the installation wtf blocking me from doing my work. Shit lo I'll have my appraisal two weeks later leh how ah

You count la you count la. The last time I won something was on 27th Nov the premiere screening and then I just started to redeem stuffs I've already won before :(

You know how important is winning a contest to me anot! It's like winning a hope leh! And free entertainment! I mean, it gave me reason to watch movies la or else I'll just drag and drag see when I can watch and then end up watched nothing. Then I'll have no more entertainment. Very sad wan you know!

Haiz. Ok lah lets see what I have here.

Tweet "If you're a Guardian, what is your unique name and what is your skill?" and following is my answer:
Shit I'm getting more and more delusional

Check here for the prizes! But they're already given out ahaha

And I got THIRD PRIZE!!!

ChurpChurp's recycling bag, I likey ♥

1 x Limited Edition RISE OF THE GUARDIANS Nighlight worth RM300
1 x Limited Edition RISE OF THE GUARDIANS Snow Globe worth RM250
1 x Limited Edition RISE OF THE GUARDIANS Glitter Pens worth RM100
What? You think "Wtf this kind of answer you also can get third prize ah?" Then join ChurpChurp to earn rewards and be able to join contests lor! Show me you can construct better slogans!

Now I feel like wanna win some gadgets and/or getaways dy hm...
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Saturday, 1 December 2012


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I'm in a deep shit.

Went to Pavilion to redeem KOSÉ skin care trial set to cheer up self a bit.
Sekkisei Basic Skin Care Trial Set

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