Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas & Eve!

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Let me greet you the programmer's way wtf (stolen from WC):

function greetings(religion)
     if (religion == Christian)
          alert("Merry Christmas!");
          alert("Happy Holiday!");

Erjie went to Christmas parties since yesterday, sanjie was still in the hostel and parents weren't at home last night. Leaving me and ahkit at home, the internet had become so boring that we started to play board games while counting down towards Christmas.
We played chess at first
After I lost for 0-999 in chess, we played monopoly instead. It took longer time to end LOL. Kit declared bankrupt coz he landed on my property with 4 houses lolol

The house started to attract termites and making the residents unhappy. I didn't wanna stay at home, but Jann went to shop for her utilities to Japan with her parents, Kuan hasn't come back from her Thailand trip, Yin is busy taking care of her mother, even #soulmate has her service/duty to do during Christmas while erjie attending one party after another (OMG I have so few friends T.T), I decided to go to Wangsa Walk and hangout with wc and his friends. #foreveralone

I told him if I didn't see him at the exit of the LRT he owed me movie bwahaha today I haz free movie wtf.
At one point in the movie, the ladies keep shrieking due to their terror wtf sibeh annoying

And hor we came to BoxOffice Cafe for lunch (Milo Phing, WC and me hadn't eat yet) and dinner (WC's friends were hungry already) wtf
WC said who got their pay already have to treat.

This is one hell of an awkward Christmas I have ever had. Now I only wish that the termites will leave my home alone.
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