Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Shopping Part 2

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Erjie wanna go for Christmas shopping too so I went with her to see if I can get anything for my male colleagues. If we have time we probably can go to the Big Bad Wolf book fair too!

But today didn't seem to end well.

I couldn't find candy cane anywhere la why no one is selling candy cane! What is Christmas without candy cane wtf.

And then! We went to have dinner first before continuing our shopping. That was one hell of a dinner! I asked for honey lemon tea but the waiter got me leongcha wtf. Nev'mind loh he prepared another one. Waited until erjie's food is served then only they serve me my drink. We thought they're out of lemon and they need to buy one wtf. Then! Erjie said her fried rice was the worst fried rice she's ever eaten. I mean. It was anchovy fish fried rice leh ffs! Lidat also can be tasteless until she had to add some soy sauce to give some taste wtf. Luckily my kungpou shrimp is still ok.

Then hor my sandals broken!!! O_O HOW CAN THIS THING HAPPEN TO ME WTF. I had to walk like I'm limp and we went to all the shoe shops but couldn't find a pair that I like wtf. Since I'm going to buy a new one, might as well buy one that I really like lor.

I finally found some Christmas hair accessories! Am attaching the accessories on the pressies for female colleagues so they can wear tomorrow ahaha :p I don't think guys will put on hair accessories la unless they're hat right? Somemore not sure if there'll be anyone who wear Christmas hair accessories in the office tim. Hmm. Nev'mind I'll be the first one :p

Ok time to sleep and be Santarina tomorrow!
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