Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Shopping

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Since we survived the doomsday, of course have to hang out and celebrate la! xD

Ok lah to tell the truth, I wanna do some Christmas shopping coz my colleagues gave me pressies leh so how can I do nothing for those who helped me a lot!

Sheldon is so damn right wtf. I know you think you are being generous, but the foundation of gift giving is reciprocity. You haven't given me a gift. You've given me an obligation wtf.

Btw, normally what Christmas present usually one can get for guys ah? :s

Today Jann very geng leh! No incidents! *applause* But the weather seemed to troll us wtf. When we're in H&M and about to leave, it rained! So we looked for cheap umbrella in the whole building and when we're done buying, it stopped wtf -.-

Anyhow, we managed to watch Life of Pi in 3D coz tomorrow no more jor!

Fucking hyena still wanna eat the zebra and the orang utan when they're on the sea surviving from the shipwreck wtf.

I think Pi's second story is the truth but I rather believe in his first story lorh.

Ok! Who's up for The Hobbits!
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