Friday, 21 December 2012

[Compensation] Premiere Screening - Les Misérables 20/12/2012

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Gave it to erjie's friend to kao-lui last Friday but due to some technical problem they weren't able to watch it. And they couldn't make it for the compensation. IT'S DESTINED MAN.

Nev'mind. It's already the past so just enjoy the movie!

Today mood down down dei aih so I bought ice cream from Gelato Fruity wtf. No wonder my diet never works.

Then hor Nuffnang girl told me my email is not in the list.


But she still gave me a pair of tickets lah T^T

GSC Mid Valley gotta work out their management lah! Last Friday they couldn't show the movie due to technical problem, today the movie is delayed for almost one hour! It should have start at 9.25pm, but we entered the hall at 10.15pm! Most of the audiences left before the movie start. I'm guessing they didn't wanna stay up too late coz they have work tomorrow.

Erjie and I was so patience lor wtf. But we couldn't enjoy the movie at its best also coz we told papa to fetch us at 12.30 and it still wasn't ending and we just hope it will end soon wtf. Scumbag management. Erjie said probably Nuffnang want us to die together in the cinema during the end of the world so they purposely delayed the movie time LOL wtf.

I'm not sure if I know how to appreciate this kind of movie anot ahaha you justify yourself. Nao watch it!

Erjie taught me a way of sending picture from my phone to laptop without using bluetooth or USB ahaha so next time you peeps will be able to see more photos :)

Goodnight sweetiepies!
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