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Doomsday 21/12/2012

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MEH. Not even close to it. No fallen darkness for 3 days, no power cut, no tsunami. I somemore received Christmas pressie during work leh wtf IS THERE ANY PRESENT EXCHANGE OCCASION GOING ON AND I'M NOT INFORMED AH?!

Troll teddie (press left palm to sing Christmas song, sibeh noisy when in the office wtf)
Japan-imported potato fries (3 bucks for half packet of it wtf... But very delicious leh)
Gingerbread Man (why is it named "gingerbread" when it's not a bread?)
One #foreveralone Ferrero Rocher
Famous Amos goodies bag

Nuffnang has this contest for the premiere screening of Parental Guidance and what nuffnangers need to do is to answer the question "When you become grandparents 50 years from now, how would you impress your modern grandkids?"

Screening Details:
Date: 2nd January 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 9:30pm
Venue: Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve

I'd like to win the tickets and I know I can coz I have this awesome idea (well... not at all original also wtf aih but how come no one come up with this answer!!!) but the venue is so far and the start time is so late I don't think I wanna go also.

Very sien wan you know when one has such awesome idea but one cannot share it coz one does not want to rebut the chance to win the ticket with other people who really can go and watch! So here goes my answer:
I will collect all resources I can - movies, newspaper cuttings, recordings from the radio stations, news report, video clips and images shared on the internet - everything about zombie apocalypse (read sample news link here) AND Doomsday (which was yesterday, according to current timestamp, and my colleague said apparently Satan has poor project management that He couldn't deliver the doomsday on time so it has to be postponed till year 2015) so that 50 years later when I become granny, I can show my grandkids that their granny survived the zombie apocalypse and Doomsday #like-a-boss!

Awesome or what! xD If any of you used my answer to win the contest, let me know can? At least I can share the happiness with the participant who win the tickets because of my answer hee :) Also to show that my answer really can win the tickets, not just I said only :p

I saw some 9gaggers said all of us should get our stories straight about the doomsday so that when we tell stories to our grandkids, we can tell them we survived the doomsday #like-a-boss! Seriously, why no one do that! Newspapers should publish news on this and people should keep the newspaper cutting so they can show their grandkids as proof LOL.

Nev'mind, now I have better idea. I'll still keep all resources about zombie apocalypse and the doomsday, and when I become granny 50 years later, I will tell my grandkids the same story I prepared above and if they don't believe me, I will add in another story - that we have alien intrusion and only I survived, while other people were abducted and were brainwashed so they couldn't remember how they survived both the events and they can only say that the events weren't true so they don't have to explain how they survived! WAO I SHOULD BE THE SCRIPTWRITER SHOULDN'T I! And film the mash-up of zombie apocalypse, doomsday and alien intrusion!

Ahem sorry I got carried away a bit. If you're not nuffnanger, ChurpChurp has Churpremiere for the same movie too! (Click me) Just go to their event page here and answer the question "What pranks will you pull on grandpa Artie if you are one of the kids?"

This one I cannot help la coz I'm not good at trolling people and I don't troll oldies wan :p

If you're not a Churper yet, click on one of the #Churprise at my left sidebar to join! :D But don't make mistake like what #soulmate did la LOL remember to use the email you registered with ChurpChurp when you fill in the submission form!

Alright then happy winning the contests! And Happy Belated Winter Solstice! And Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year! Btw, if you didn't watch Les Misérables, search for the songs I dreamed a dream by Anne Hathaway and Do You Hear the People Sing - they're AWESOME!
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