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E House Theatre 8/12/2012

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Jann ajak-ed me to watch the E House Theatre coz it was organized by her university mates and I was interested to watch theatre so I promised to go. At first I thought wanna do a bit testing in the morning since the theatre is held during the night but she told me she'll fetch me at 11am after work so we can hang out a bit so I stayed home.

Scumbag Jann postpone her time and fetch me near 2pm. Dude I got appraisal soon leh wanna make me lose my job also use other way la wtf.

So 2pm we went to Mid Valley first lo since Jann said wanna buy pants from Uniqlo coz she said they're selling it at RM49.90 wor. Then hor this Jann nearly took her car's life (and mine wtf) when she tried to park in Mid Valley parking lot I don't even. #facepalm.jpg

She needs someone to take care of her.

Luckily she gave a ride to a friend whom is a guy. I don't mean to be stereotype la but imho I do think guys drive better lorh.

And then Jann's scumbag GPS brought us around KL-PJ wtf further and further from the destination Taman Danau Desa where the theatre is organized.

But still we reached one hour before the show starts la.

Picture taken from the album of E house
The guy eside me is Jann's friend whom she gave a ride while guy beside Jann is the director of the theatre whom is their friends *feeling left out wtf luckily I sat in the middle wtf*

Visit their page they have events coming up! I like their show :D
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