Thursday, 13 December 2012

Game Plan

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Cheat you all to read my blog post again wtf. Nope this is not review of the movie <The Game Plan>.

Last week my laptop just broke down like that. From what my colleague/friend told me, either the screen is GG or graphic card problem. My phone can't load whatsapp coz the connection problem I also don't know why wtf. Scumbag gadgets. Now I can only use house PC to surf internet. Actually during lunch hour also can la but company blocked a lot of websites wor. Plus I always have to "fight" KitKit and mami to use PC wtf. Time for me to buy new laptop la.

And then hor! Today I'm suppose to go clubbing de lo! Coz I won the invitation to JUICE 10th Anniversary at Avenue K wtf my friends all either not free to go or don't want to go! Even erjie went to watch The Hobbit with her bf hmph!

Go see see look look also can lor yerr why everyone just wanna go home and sleep wtf I didn't ask to stay until late night or drink alcohol also... #fliptable.jpg

Feel sibeh forever alone la me. Wanna find movie (or clubbing) kaki also don't have. Now wanna ask for credit card information also don't know how :( Who is working in banking industry now can give me information on credit cards?
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