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Gathering @ 27/12/2012

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Fuyoh it's the first time Yin asked us out! But they both wanna watch CZ12 leh argh I just have to watch one more time hmph.

I wanna watch The Hobbits la!!! :3

Anyway, since I didn't see both Yin and Kuan for a long time dy, I went to meet them at Times Square via LRT interchange monorail. Compared to KTM, LRT and monorail is a liiiiil bit better than KTM, at least it's not as squeezy.

Times Square got musical stairs leh!

Not sure what this is called. Interesting tiles!
Us! On the musical stairs!
It better is!!!

But! I found something. There's a contest for CZ12 in selected GSC cinemas! And Times Square is one of it! Just like Cold War contest, all you need to do is buy at least 2 tickets from selected cinemas (GSC Berjaya Times Square, GSC Alamanda Putrajaya, GSC Terminal One Seremban and GSC Berjaya Megamall Kuantan), fill in the form provided at the cinemas and attach the 2 ticket stubs, dump into the box prepared by the cinemas, then you'll stand a chance to win grand prizes!

After the movie, Yin's bf suggested to go for supper coz he's hungry. So we went to Wing's cafe to yamcha~

Will plan to sing k soon woohoo! I didn't sing for very long dy!!! *Looking forward to that day*

Have a good night, girls! ^^
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