Monday, 31 December 2012

O.P.I Pedicure and Movie! ♥

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It's the last day of 2012 I didn't wanna spend it on work nor just staying at home so I took leave on this day. But it didn't end very well T.T

So the first thing I did was to renew my IC in Solaris Dutamas. Their service is super fast I don't even have to take leave in the first place! I reached at 7.44am and it's done within 5 minutes! :O So I'll have a new IC after about 3 weeks!

And then I went to Pavilion to redeem my free pedicure! Remember the O.P.I. voucher I won from Nuffnang's contest?

It wasn't open yet so I went to Starbucks and haz a Java Chip and online awhile ♥

(Shiat I dropped my phone on the floor and the photos I took during the pedi is gone T_____T)

Anyway. My feet is nao clean and radiant! :]

Yin said she's free wanna watch movie with me today! And then she said don't know how her arrangement then ended up we didn't hang out together -.- Also because I ajak-ed my tuition mate to have late lunch/dinner so I decided to watch movie ALONE #foreveralone.

My god I have finally resort to this wtf NUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

Somemore the only movie available during that slot was The Collector.

Super meh.

And the day ended with a miss call from MyFM wtf I missed another prize again argh and a nais dinner with my tuition mate Wei Sin.
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