Monday, 10 December 2012

Outing with Sis @ Sunway Pyramid 9/12/2012

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Suddenly my weekend so happening I tak boleh tahan o.O

Erjie suddenly asked me whether wanna go ice skating or not. Then of course I said OK lah I haven't been hanging out with her quite long dy. Nah movie invitations don't count ha.

So before playing ice skating, we went to have late lunch first. Erjie suggested Delicious wtf. Just had it few days ago with my colleagues (Owh my wallet)

Scumbag KitKit haven't start earning then tried to spend ALL my money dy coz I said the lunch is on me ma coz none of them have income yet wtf being an adult sucks wtf.

Ice skating time!

Kitkit sibeh talented lo he went for the first time he skates he skates right!!! I just skated at the side wtf #shame My legs were stiff wtf not sure if too cold or too nervous.

Jackie's friend work at there so we had dinner together.

Erjie brought us to Juice Works to have a drink first I ordered Cookies and Cream coz I don't wanna be mainstream LOL ok lah I don't feel like wanna drink a mixture of different juice :x

And I immediately regretted coz they had steamboat right after that and I couldn't eat much T_T

And then when we're back home I kena lectured wtf so much to do for growing up.

My world is no longer rainbows and unicorns :(
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