Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Premiere Screening - Here Comes The Boom! 17/12/2012

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This week also very happening I hope I can tahan LOL wtf.

Today went for a movie with #soulmate! Because the movie is screened in GSC Paradigm Mall.

I tell you! Paradigm mall is like a maze - papa had to U-turn a few times to find the drop off place and ended up we went into the car park so he can drop me and paid RM1 for 10minutes wtf scumbag shopping malls parking lot.

Q: Come up with an awesome caption for the picture above, and share how Scott motivates himself before every match.

It's been quite some time since I win merchandises from Nuffnang leh :3

Yorr my laptop spoilt jor I cannot bluetooth my picture to the PC and upload it :3

That's all lah. Oldies can't stay up too late. G'night cuppycakes!
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