Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Premiere Screening - Jack Reacher 18/12/2012

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Today is one awkward day. Ahem. Nev'mind about that.

Remember I wondered whether Nuffnang and ChurpChurp will cross check their winner for movie premiere? TURN OUT ONE PERSON CAN WIN FROM BOTH COMPANIES!

Here's the "pic or it didn't happen"!
Nuffnang Q: What do you think Jack Reacher was doing the entire time he disappeared under the radar?

#Churpremiere Q: If you were Jack Reacher, how would you disguise yourself to stay alive?

WOOHOO! Mystery revealed! To compensate papa for being my driver I decided to bring my whole family (um... Not all la... Sanjie in hostel can't join, so erjie let papa/mami watch the movie lor) to watch the movie! ^_^

I personally think it's ok ok only lar... Mami slept through the movie wtf papa said very nais! Guess this is a guy movie hah.

And then I got a lot of badges from them ahaha.

Ok folks have a good night sleep! Hope the dark cloud will gone soon. May God bless everyone!
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