Thursday, 31 January 2013

Twinge of Blue...

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I know it's kinda weird for putting the adjective with the feeling. But that's how I feel today.

During the day is still ok lah coz occupied work.

Then at night was busy planning the activities for tomorrow coz tomorrow is Federal Territory's Day yo! Also planning for Saturday! WOOHOO I'll be meeting #soulmate again and we're gonna sing!!!

But... There are some complications in the Chinese New Year Gathering on Saturday Night. Maybe more about this in an individual entry on that day itself.

Am writing an entry for #soulmate again coz she seems to have abandon her Project 365 again ahaha. Poor blog having such author xD Find one day must ask her to write in my blog also.

Ahh what a day.
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Wednesday, 30 January 2013


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Today FB sibeh lag ah!!!

Erjie went to watch the Bullet to the Head without me hmph! She won free tickets from NEF - using MY answer!

But what to do, her bf is leaving to Perth to work soon, how can she not spend more time with him leh. Aih.

Nevermind! This website predicted that Snake-Zodiac people (which includes me ) will found their other half woots woots!

Oooh I probably won't have to be so forever alone dy leh
So who's attracted to me? wtf

Sorry ah I also cannot tahan myself so narcissistic.

Jokes aside! I've won complement passes! Who's up for free movies? :D
RAM (back) for Mama, United International Pictures (front) for The Tower

* Click here to check the definition for compliment. *

Ok enough whining... Love ya!

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Samsung Galaxy Hello Kitty Contest

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I actually have already received the email notifying me about becoming one of their winner on last Friday! But I don't know why the person in charge just won't reply my email. Otherwise today I wouldn't have to go to Mid Valley so far to take my prize But hey! It's MY prize right!

Click here to go to the app itself and check out who else are the winners!

When I first received the email, the first thing I thought was: PLEASE DON'T LET IT BE THE LIMITED EDITION HELLO KITTY PHONE coz I've bought it dy wtf! So I was wondering what else they're giving out as prizes and there, I saw my name under the Consolation Prize But what to do, I only have small lucks - I usually win consolation prizes instead of grand prize, at least better than nothing la!

So here it is - Tadaa!
Um... Yea this is the RM500 merchandise as promised

I kinda wish for something different, something Samsung-related, like... Cheapest Samsung camera...? Ahaha... Well I got these!

Swarovski Hello Kitty Christmas Crystalline Ballpoint Pen

Swarovski Hello Kitty Crystal Pendant Charm

Clearer and bigger image at their website here --> Hello Kitty Pink Pearl Guitar Crystalline Ballpoint Pen, Hello Kitty Ice Cream Charm

Gotta find a way to put the charm on my phone... Ciao! ;)
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Monday, 28 January 2013


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Shit. I think I'm the only person who felt holiday is bored.

Probably it's because I forgot to bring back my laptop adapter so I have to take turn to use my home PC, so I have nothing else to do if I'm not online.

I felt like I'm a caveman wtf.

And probably people went paktor during this long weekend that's why I have no one to ajak (or ajak me out)

So lack of spirit.

Maybe this isn't a good weekend though, coz even #soulmate has fallen sick. Dude, take good care yo!

Thank goodness we'll start working again tomorrow wtf. (Please don't stone me to death)
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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Grocery Shopping

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Today I went grocery shopping with parents coz I wanna get healthy food.

Man it made me felt like I'm still in Labuan - choosing food that I wanted, thinking what I can prepare for my breakfast/lunch/dinner. #nostalgia

While we're checking out at the cashier, the cashier lady straight-away pressed the "pay by cash" key without asking papa how he wanted to pay. Then she's like, "can you pay by cash? Coz I jabbed the 'cash' key already and you can't pay by card now" wtf. Hey this is like, asking people to take the trouble to mend the mistake SHE made! If we've brought enough cash (or we actually wanted to pay by cash), then we wouldn't have pay by card, right?

Lucky papa and mami were kind enough to get her the cash. Otherwise we would've ask her supervisor to reason already.

And hor! I think I should implement Audrey's kempen sopan santun lo! I mean, everytime when I'm outside, I sometimes blocked someone's path, that person could've say "excuse me" to remind me I'm blocking their path right. NO! They just pushed me aside wtf damn rude right!

Ok la I'm still young to have encounter other incidents. I can't even get sanjie to behave with manners #facepalm.

Be good ok sweetiepies!
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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Relative's Housewarming

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This evening we went to a relative's housewarming. Which I didn't really wanna go.

It's been so long since the last time we met and I had to think awhile to address them... I hope they don't think I've lost my manners. Damn sanjie and ahkit, never behave themselves in other people's house also.

I know I'm bad for saying this but I hope those people who wish us bad, ROT IN HELL.


Ending this entry here coz I don't want my blog to be full of hatred. Coz I'm already full of hatred.
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Friday, 25 January 2013

Thing That Traumatized Me D:

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Sorry fellas. I forgot to bring my laptop adapter back and I can only use home pc to online. Also partially because I've painted my nails I didn't wanna smear stuffs with my nail polish. Not that I'm not pro ok! This is O.P.I. nail polish we're talking about (chey waa) it dries very fast! I'm just taking extra precaution.

I think I crapped too much.


So few days ago I was browsing 9gag and saw this: The Expressionless. I tried to google for the same story and found out the version shared in 9gag wasn't a complete one. Here's one I found via google search "The Expressionless" and comments from the readers.

Shit I just can't get rid of this woman from my head. I'd have gone mad if I were one of them (THANK GOODNESS!!!). Also probably because I've watched [REC], I totally can visualize things from the person-who-hold-the-camera's point of view.

I need to see more cute stuffs to neutralize it *turn to play Hello Kitty phone*

I was browsing 9gag again when I'm about to get over it, and here I saw something again: The Unusual Bridge. It was a normal bridge view shared earlier, which is what you see from your front and slowly move down and then see past both your legs. So I thought maybe they've added some pretty elements inside to surprise the readers.

No I didn't get the surprise but I was shocked T_____T (有惊没有喜/惊到弹起) And then the expressionless woman came back into my mind, this time together with the scene in The Unusual Bridge T_____T

I can't believe I watched so many horror movies and still not immune to these. Maybe the horror movies nowadays are not horrible at all. And I should finish The Exorcism wtf.

Ok la if you think you have a strong heart you may click and read. Some might think it's just a fiction and not worth afraid of it at all. Who knows, coz different people have different tolerance level. Like my mom can eat green chilli but can't eat sambal while I can eat sambal but not chillies (be it green or red).

Good luck and sweet dreams, cuppycakes.
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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Random stuffs I did on this Thursday

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Did I mention that erjie's company is having this competition "WHO'S THE BIGGEST LOSER"? If I didn't, well here's the story.

They have this competition to see who lose weight the most and everyone of them need to fork out like, RM50 to get a nice prize for the winner. So in a way it's a motivation for them to lose weight la.

So erjie is so determined that she went to buy all healthy food somemore warned us not to touch them! Good for her coz if she didn't warn I think I'll eat her food ahaha No worries erjie! This weekend I'll go grocery shopping with papa and mami and buy my own food!

And then she thought it seems not enough to just cook pasta and pan-fried chicken, she asked me if I wanna share an oven so she can bake her food coz she knew I kinda wanna join her in the journey of losing weight.

So yea, today we went to buy this oven :s

Btw, erjie received a parcel last night but I only gave it to her this morning coz I forgot ahaha and it turned out to be Les Misérables CD ZOMG I'M SO JELLY!!!

Her entry here

Jelly die argh hmph! Merchandises I won also less than useless wan so sien :(

This afternoon I watched [REC]3 although it's not fully downloaded yet (damn it just stuck at 87.6% wtf)
but it's one piece of shit la honestly. At first it was filmed like the prequel (you view as the person who hold the camera) but at the point when things went chaos, it became a normal zombie movie only the "zombies" are possessed by demon instead of mutated virus wtf shit anot you say la! The female lead was a bride and of course, main character won't die so easily but you'd think why the bride would run in her wedding gown right! Then when she cut the lower part of her dress you'd thought it was a good move so she can move more swiftly - HELL NO! She just cut that part of dress at her left leg that other than showing her sexy leg I don't know what's her point of doing so wtf (exactly like how it's shown in the movie poster). And I thought [REC] was supposed to be a good horror movie, be it the prequels or sequels.

Is there any good horror movie left!

Ugh. Cannot la I have too much hate I need to get a good sleep dy. Bye.
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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Premiere Screening – Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 22/1/2013

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Yesterday I went with Lemon again for this movie~

Only it's not in 3D
Q: If you were asked to re-write a classic fairy tale, what kind of plot twist would you give it?
Yea. This is how Cinderella should end!

Remember I went to Nashira Putri's wedding dinner with Lin on Saturday night? We talked about this movie too and she said it's a horror movie she didn't wanna watch with me. I was like, isn't this a story of 2 kids being lured into a candy house and at the end of the story, they killed the witch who wanted to eat them? How can it be a horror story? At most, it's just an action movie coz the 2 kids now became witch hunters. How horrible can it be?

Even Lemon asked is this a horror movie wtf.

Man now I know why they asked so after watching the movie - *spoiler starts* the witches will scare people like demons in most horror movies, the people were killed brutally like, their body were torn and their head were squashed right in front of your eyes so bloodily somemore with flesh chunks wtf. I love the scene where the stupid arrogant sheriff was killed by the troll, Edward! OOSH I FELT SO GOOD wtf is this even right. *spoiler ends*

On a sidenote, I'm still playing the duet #soulmate and me recorded. I couldn't wait for her to send me the music version to record la I finally downloaded KuwoKGe 酷我K歌! Whoa my life is getting more and more adventurous get what I mean? :p

Stay tune for more masterpiece from both of us! ;)
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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Some Random Stuffs I Like :D

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Last weekend #soulmate was so semangat asking me to record a song for her. We haven't been singing in ages! When was the last time we went to sing k? If not mistaken, it was during our convo right!

With the help of some software (Audacity, 酷我K歌) we managed to pull it off!

Click link here to listen. Or here.

When I first record my voice was so soft I couldn't even hear what I sang. But #soulmate is good in using Audacity! She managed to make my voice come out a bit! But not enough ahaha. So I had to re-record.

When I heard this final version I was like OMG I'M SO TOUCHED I FELT LIKE WANNA CRY!!!

#soulmate's voice is as good as ever she seriously should participate in singing competition!

This is a feeling a third party won't know wtf. *shed tears*

Serious! Heard once touched once (听一次感动一次) wtf.

• - - - - - - - ๑ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ๑ - - - - - - - •

Erjie won 2 vouchers from Humble Beginnings so she gave me 1 (THANKKIU ERJIE!) so I can bribe treat my colleagues hee.

I saw a lot of positive comments on their mille crepe so I couldn't wait to order :D

BUT... Scumbag Humble Beginnings only have one payment method - paypal Luckily I have a friend who has paypal account and is willing to pay for me.

Got it on Monday! :D

Chocolate Orange Mille Crepe!

Taste like banana wtf. But overall comments I received was OK :D Erjie said I should order swiss chocolate or vanilla instead. Wtf. I thought wanna jump out of my comfort zone of taste selection wan. Of course, a lot of people asked whose birthday was it ahaha. No people birthday! :p

Nevermind! It's still good hee :D
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Monday, 21 January 2013

Skytrex Adventure 19/1/2013

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This day I'm getting my ass off the laptop - I went to Skytrex in Shah Alam to do some sports WOOHOO!

Many many many thanks to Darren who's willing to fetch Diana and me!


Shit. I don't know how to write this entry la :s

When we're on the shuttle bus to the park, I met this blogger and we chatted a little. And then! She asked me what's my age and guessed I'm 26.


#soulmate said people thought she's 25 so correct wan.


Diana looked like she's below 25 but in fact she's not!!!!!

And then all of them are so slim I don't even!!!

And all of them are still studying WHYYYYYYY!!!

Shit la I felt so old T__________T

Why universe, why are you being so unfair!!!!!

Cannot! I must not stay up late anymore! Must put on more masks! #determined

And then I didn't take any pictures because I don't have a camera and I only have Hello Kitty Samsung Galaxy Y I thought can show off a bit but wtf everyone is using iPhone and Note 2 I don't even. #facepalm Better keep Hello Kitty in pocket la wtf. #failed

All pictures here credit to Sakinah ribuan terima kasih! (album here)

Ahem ok ok back to the activity. Where was I?

Ohh we're on the shuttle bus. So this is the entrance!

And the trainers!

We're given light refreshments before we start the activity!

And some photos before we start the activity!


OK time to start climbing some trees!
The trainer briefing us
Equipped and ready!
New people I met - Sakinah!
Nuffnangers (and nuffies) who participated in Big Thrill
A small test to make sure all of us know the rules
OK let's start!
The most difficult part is to climb up to the platform this high

I was like "oh shit this is how I die" "Shit" "Fuck" "Shit" "Fuck" wtf.

Ok move on.

Here are the different challenges that we went through:

But I took shortcut most of the time ahaha - Flying fox!

And then I went #paranoidparrot again coz my arms are short and I am heavy T_T and my hands hurt grabbing the pulley while doing flying fox.

Yay we completed it!
Going back lu! We're given certs also leh! :D

We had loads of fun! Next time Imma try Extreme Challenge! :D

• - - - - - - - ๑ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ๑ - - - - - - - •

This night I'm so random I went to Nahira Putri's wedding! Lin gave me a ride TQVM Lin!!!

People went to We Love Asia music festival I went to a not-so-close friend's wedding dinner. How lame. Ahaha.

It's my first time attending to Malay friend's wedding dinner coz previously their wedding dinner was held at other places instead of KL so I couldn't attend. Also because I'm not very close with them ahaha so I passed.

I wasn't very close with Nashira (the bride) la but since a lot of uni friends are going and the wedding dinner is in KL, might as well attend so I can gather with old friends ma ahaha.

Left some trails so that she knows I was here. Surprise!
Me and Lin
Long time no see leh babe!

We're leaving so we went to wish her and take some photos :)

That's what I did in my last Saturday la.
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