Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ah Boys to Men 2/1/2013

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First movie in the new year! Thanks to my sis who gave me her free advertiser pass given by her bf's sis LOL it's expiring today so die die also must use it leh :p

I found my movie buddy jor! It's my tuition mate, Wei Sin! :D Haven't have time to take the picture with her coz we're busy looking for food and optical shops (ok it's just me, she's my sidekick jek :p)

I wanted to watch a few movies lah but this was the earliest yet not so rush (9pm), I still can haz dinner and buy new lenses for my frames! :D

Quite nais lah a lot of funny scenes lol :D Btw, QiuQiu is acting in it!!! I knew it!!! No wonder I think the girl is familiar!!! She mentioned she act in the movie somemore la wtf (click me, middle part) But the ending is a bit cincai la.

Hooray I can get my new specs tomorrow dy! ^_^

Happy New Year, random citizens, my dear readers!
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