Sunday, 6 January 2013

Another New Specs!

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Oooh didn't realize I wore my specs for 2 years dy...
Taken on 22/5/2011

Since I got a new frames from the Vintage Night lucky draw, I've decided to buy the lens so I have new specs to wear during this New Year!

I asked my jimuis whether they're free to hang out anot but aih our discussion haz no outcome. So I had no choice, I made papa to send me to Mid Valley to collect my specs wtf.

At first we planned to dinner at there before coming back geh. But then papa was acting like a big boy, whatever restaurants I suggested also he said dowan. Then keep saying he's not feeling well.

No fun lo liddat, I rather eat ice cream.
Eating Gelato Fruity. Nice anot my new specs? =)

Sad case ever. Wanna find people to hangout also don't have. Wanna find people to talk also don't have. Why la now only have to be the darkest moment in my life =(

The world should have end on the day it is said to end so I don't have to face all these.
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