Wednesday, 30 January 2013


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Today FB sibeh lag ah!!!

Erjie went to watch the Bullet to the Head without me hmph! She won free tickets from NEF - using MY answer!

But what to do, her bf is leaving to Perth to work soon, how can she not spend more time with him leh. Aih.

Nevermind! This website predicted that Snake-Zodiac people (which includes me ) will found their other half woots woots!

Oooh I probably won't have to be so forever alone dy leh
So who's attracted to me? wtf

Sorry ah I also cannot tahan myself so narcissistic.

Jokes aside! I've won complement passes! Who's up for free movies? :D
RAM (back) for Mama, United International Pictures (front) for The Tower

* Click here to check the definition for compliment. *

Ok enough whining... Love ya!

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