Sunday, 27 January 2013

Grocery Shopping

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Today I went grocery shopping with parents coz I wanna get healthy food.

Man it made me felt like I'm still in Labuan - choosing food that I wanted, thinking what I can prepare for my breakfast/lunch/dinner. #nostalgia

While we're checking out at the cashier, the cashier lady straight-away pressed the "pay by cash" key without asking papa how he wanted to pay. Then she's like, "can you pay by cash? Coz I jabbed the 'cash' key already and you can't pay by card now" wtf. Hey this is like, asking people to take the trouble to mend the mistake SHE made! If we've brought enough cash (or we actually wanted to pay by cash), then we wouldn't have pay by card, right?

Lucky papa and mami were kind enough to get her the cash. Otherwise we would've ask her supervisor to reason already.

And hor! I think I should implement Audrey's kempen sopan santun lo! I mean, everytime when I'm outside, I sometimes blocked someone's path, that person could've say "excuse me" to remind me I'm blocking their path right. NO! They just pushed me aside wtf damn rude right!

Ok la I'm still young to have encounter other incidents. I can't even get sanjie to behave with manners #facepalm.

Be good ok sweetiepies!
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