Saturday, 19 January 2013

Horror Movies

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Ok fellas! Since today I'm not in, here's something for you to read on (coz I've been doing hard to blog everyday and see if I can start Project 365 but I'm not as inspiring like #soulmate nor I'm happening so. Just get yourself a potato if you're still not satisfied.)

So yesterday I managed to watch Resident Evil: Retribution in my laptop. When I was in the middle of the movie, erjie said the TV is broadcasting Quarantine (English version of [REC]) so I went to the living room to watch.

Man I have to say it's still the SECOND BEST horror movie I've watched till today. Even though I've already watched it like a few times and I know what will come next but it still gives me tension while watching it wtf. Sibeh depressed you know. Like I've been quarantined in the infected building and locked in the attic as well wtf.

Well, the BEST one goes to The Exorcism coz I can't even bear to finish the movie wtf. The demon which possessed the girl was just too cruel I don't even.

Now I feel movies like the Saw series and The Human Centipede (and Mama!) was nothing wtf.

Alright, 3AM is already on screen! I'm looking for kaki to watch yo! Who's with me? :D
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