Saturday, 5 January 2013

I Won A Prize Again! :D

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I received email from TGV notifying me I've won their Wreck-It-Ralph contest and will arrange the delivery of my prizes to me asap.

So this is the contest:
I've won the consolation prize... But that's good enough already! :D
They didn't include the due date leh I thought ok la if didn't win then didn't win lo but if I don't participate then I'll definitely lose the chance to win!

So I submitted my answer!
"I like the moment when this cutie finally let her heart free and be together with Felix <3

This morning when I was still in bed, I touched something beside my head - mami received the packet and put it beside me THANKKIU MAMI!!!

And it's from TGV! WHOA! Efficient anot! Email sent yesterday, prizes received today!

Wreck-it-Ralph Kids Watch and RM15 New Era Voucher!
I thought the watch will be like those cheaplak watches sold at the roadside, RM10 for 2 that kind xD But turned out no leh quite ok ma :) Only the design is childish a bit hee :p

Now I gotta check out what do they have in the shop so I can use my voucher dy ngek!

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