Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My New IC!

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Luckily I 先见之明 foresee this! I made a copy of my IC (coz I like how I look when I was 18 :3) so I can compare how I look in both cards LOL you're right I'm that shallow.

Ribuan terima kasih to mami to take the trouble to collect for me! Aih is liddis de lo what to do I haven't have my own car yet.

So I made my IC this day at this branch (click for more info):

National Registration Department,
FT of Kuala Lumpur
Level G Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Off Jalan Dutamas 1
50551 Kuala Lumpur

You don't even have to take leave if you reach there before 8am! They're open at 7.30am and it's so fast you just need 5 minutes top to gao dim everything.

Or, if you don't want to change your photo, just apply in myeg or jpn's website. Sien lo when I apply, jpn doesn't have that page yet!!!

And then mami gave me back my old IC -.- Spent 5bucks to made a copy of my IC, turned out they just cut the chip of my IC then can take back dy zzz.

Nah this is how bad my IC has become:
Actually I don't have to put the red line you also can see it's crooked right

If you wanna damage your IC but don't know how, lemme teach you!
1. Eat as much as you can until your butt turn round and big (FML I don't have to eat also already big T_T)
2. Wear tight jeans
3. Keep your IC at the back pocket of your pants, preferably facing inwards if you don't want the chip to be scanned wtf
4. Sit on your IC
5. Viola! You may apply a new IC now!

Damn shit I looked like a fat malay girl in my new IC wtf.

#soulmate said it's ugly and fragile. But I think other than the extra small photo that makes it uglier, it's actually ok ma. Not really fragile also. Ya I also can't believe my tolerance level is that damn high.

K la Imma loathe myself in my emo corner jor kthxbai.
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