Saturday, 12 January 2013

Outing with Sanjie :D

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I've won the Upside Down Facebook contest and I'm required to collect it at Nuffnang's office so I ditched my lunch gang and had lunch with papa after he sent me to collect the ticket last last Friday

Btw this morning I finally received the 2013 calendar I bought from Chee Ching! :D
With teddy!!! ^_^

Since currently only Upside Down is Rainfilm distributed movie and we don't know if Rainfilm will distribute any movies in the near future, better use the passes NAO lol yea I'm that kiasu thankkiu.

Luckily KLCC still have. I've checked GSC - none of the nearest cinemas are screening it anymore :( My contest form for CZ12 still haven't submit lehhhhh...

ps: I saw a lot of people gathering at KLCC wearing red, yellow and green!

After this movie, we went to watch another movie sanjie wanted to watch a lot - Parental Guidance!

Not bad leh got funny moments AND touching moments~ #soulmate might like it leh :D
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