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Premiere Screening – Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 22/1/2013

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Yesterday I went with Lemon again for this movie~

Only it's not in 3D
Q: If you were asked to re-write a classic fairy tale, what kind of plot twist would you give it?
Yea. This is how Cinderella should end!

Remember I went to Nashira Putri's wedding dinner with Lin on Saturday night? We talked about this movie too and she said it's a horror movie she didn't wanna watch with me. I was like, isn't this a story of 2 kids being lured into a candy house and at the end of the story, they killed the witch who wanted to eat them? How can it be a horror story? At most, it's just an action movie coz the 2 kids now became witch hunters. How horrible can it be?

Even Lemon asked is this a horror movie wtf.

Man now I know why they asked so after watching the movie - *spoiler starts* the witches will scare people like demons in most horror movies, the people were killed brutally like, their body were torn and their head were squashed right in front of your eyes so bloodily somemore with flesh chunks wtf. I love the scene where the stupid arrogant sheriff was killed by the troll, Edward! OOSH I FELT SO GOOD wtf is this even right. *spoiler ends*

On a sidenote, I'm still playing the duet #soulmate and me recorded. I couldn't wait for her to send me the music version to record la I finally downloaded KuwoKGe 酷我K歌! Whoa my life is getting more and more adventurous get what I mean? :p

Stay tune for more masterpiece from both of us! ;)
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