Thursday, 17 January 2013

Premiere Screening - The Last Stand 16/1/2013

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Today doesn't go well for me :( Oh wtf there goes my career in developing #paranoidparrot

I don't know why so many sites are giving out merchandises for this movie. In order to increase the chance to get the merchandises, I joined most of them.

A pair from Expariate Lifestyle (given to Kuan), a pair from Cinema Online (given to papa and mami :D), and another pair of course, from Nuffnang.

Q: If you were a part of the last stand to face the incoming drug cartels, what will be your strategy as the final barricade?
Inspired by erjie's vampire/zombie conversation recently.

My teddie sense is telling me I will win something so I die die also wanna go!

Le #soulmate won a pair of tickets from Nuffnang's giveaway as well hooray for her! :D

Aaand with my creative answer I gave, I won the second prize WOOHOO!
ONE (1) Limited Edition The Last Stand Female T-shirt
ONE (1) Limited Edition The Last Stand Travel Bag

Btw, there're NO old folks' face on the merchandises! Bwahaha jelly die #soulmate! XD

I have something new I'll reveal in the next entry! ^^

Goodnight sweetiepies!
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