Thursday, 3 January 2013

Project 365?

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They said we can be anything, so #soulmate started Project 365.

I felt like wanted to take up the challenge as well, but look at #soulmate, she didn't have the determination/persistence to continue blogging also. If one followed her closely, one will realized 3 entries of hers are empty (neh the convo entries), 1 entry less in October, 2 entries less in November, 12 entries less in December LOL wtf.

Ok lah just take the empty convo entries as a leave notification la we were busy for our convo ma. So it means she has 15 entries due. :p

YUHOO #soulmate, I'm reminding you to update your blog more often yo! XD

But still have to give her a big round of applause la coz at least she tried ma. /claps

And look at my blogging frequencies, the entries I blogged was less than half the days in the year. Last year only blogged for 1/3 of the year ^^" Liddat how to keep up!

But now I have a good start leh! I blogged for 3 days continuous! (CHEY WAA...)

Nev'mind, we'll see how's the condition after 1 week :p 搞不好 write write xia I blog everyday leh!

p.s: Tomorrow we'll have staff gathering where gift exchange will take place! :D
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