Thursday, 24 January 2013

Random stuffs I did on this Thursday

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Did I mention that erjie's company is having this competition "WHO'S THE BIGGEST LOSER"? If I didn't, well here's the story.

They have this competition to see who lose weight the most and everyone of them need to fork out like, RM50 to get a nice prize for the winner. So in a way it's a motivation for them to lose weight la.

So erjie is so determined that she went to buy all healthy food somemore warned us not to touch them! Good for her coz if she didn't warn I think I'll eat her food ahaha No worries erjie! This weekend I'll go grocery shopping with papa and mami and buy my own food!

And then she thought it seems not enough to just cook pasta and pan-fried chicken, she asked me if I wanna share an oven so she can bake her food coz she knew I kinda wanna join her in the journey of losing weight.

So yea, today we went to buy this oven :s

Btw, erjie received a parcel last night but I only gave it to her this morning coz I forgot ahaha and it turned out to be Les Misérables CD ZOMG I'M SO JELLY!!!

Her entry here

Jelly die argh hmph! Merchandises I won also less than useless wan so sien :(

This afternoon I watched [REC]3 although it's not fully downloaded yet (damn it just stuck at 87.6% wtf)
but it's one piece of shit la honestly. At first it was filmed like the prequel (you view as the person who hold the camera) but at the point when things went chaos, it became a normal zombie movie only the "zombies" are possessed by demon instead of mutated virus wtf shit anot you say la! The female lead was a bride and of course, main character won't die so easily but you'd think why the bride would run in her wedding gown right! Then when she cut the lower part of her dress you'd thought it was a good move so she can move more swiftly - HELL NO! She just cut that part of dress at her left leg that other than showing her sexy leg I don't know what's her point of doing so wtf (exactly like how it's shown in the movie poster). And I thought [REC] was supposed to be a good horror movie, be it the prequels or sequels.

Is there any good horror movie left!

Ugh. Cannot la I have too much hate I need to get a good sleep dy. Bye.
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