Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Reviews and Resolutions

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Here comes the mainstream post!

Very sien wan lo I drafted this post earlier than everyone else then people post the same thing earlier than me -.- Made me look like I'm a copy cat wtf.

I don't care ah I'm still publishing this!

Let's see what I've done during this past year:
January: Spending on New Year stuffs and gathered with friends :) Learning new course on MCTS dot net.
February: Celebrated birthdays, dot net course ended and went to KK for a holiday break.
March: Went to school event APN 2012, spent more money.
April: My birthday, and spent more money wtf.
May: FYP ended and I dyed my hair!
June: Went to school event Vintage Night, graduated and started internship.
July: Had medical check up and spent more money, this time on movie tickets. Shun bian hang out with siblings :p
August: More movies, sing k and meeting up friends.
September: Erjie's graduation ceremony in Australia!
October: Yin's, Jann's and my convo! Also the first time I start winning premiere screening tickets! :D And started a new job in new company.
November: Kuan's convo! More premiere screening tickets! :D
December: More premiere screening tickets, more gathering with jimuis, met new people, but having problem with the house, realizing most friends won't have extra time to entertain me and my probation got extended for 2 months :(

And let's review my 2012 resolution:
#1. Slim down (literally due to health reason)
Outcome: I managed to slim down 2kg before I went to erjie's graduation ceremony. And I stopped exercising after I came back from Australia wtf. But my weight is maintained leh! Although I didn't lose weight but I didn't gain weight leh. Also I went to play badminton last Saturday!
Ok ok I know I need to work harder on this just give me somemore time.

#2. I wanna be more radiant with more sleep and staying away from laptop
Outcome: Failed big time. I somemore eat, play, code in front of the laptop wtf. Ever since I took the new offer from the new company, I woke up at 6.30am to go to work and finished my work at 6.30pm-7pm wtf. When I reached home I usually online and sleep at 1am wtf. Or it goes the other way round. I slept in the car after I finished my work and continue sleeping after I reached home, suddenly woke up at 1am realize I haven't bath yet and took bath at that late night, online while waiting for my hair to dry and then sleep at around 3.30am. Now if I have no date during weekends I can sleep for the whole day wtf.

#3. Spend more time with ma family
Outcome: Partially achieved ba coz I brought my siblings to movies most of the time leh. And when I watch movies with my siblings I couldn't split myself to go grocery shopping with mami right. But recently things just got worse and I just don't wanna spend my time at home anymore. :(

#4. Be wiser
Outcome: Also failed big time. I got lectured from erjie's bf somemore wtf. You see ha. This "friends first, self later" thing is kinda in my gene wtf. First case: When one ask for friend's favor to collect stuffs for him/her, the most reasonable way for one to get the stuffs is to set a time and place convenient for both parties. But in my case, I collect stuffs for my friend somemore have to send it to their place (#like-a-minion wtf). And then I let my friend ffk me AFTER waited for freaking 2 hours at the "partially agreed" venue. Second case: One should put his/her career first before any form of entertainment especially at my stage, I'm still under probation period. I gave up the chance to do testing on my work just because my friend told me he/she'll pick me in the morning, which ended up I wasted my morning time coz that friend OT till noon and picked me at 2pm. I'm not blaming my friends la coz honestly I quite 心甘情愿 to do stuffs like that, but I won't be doing it again lorh. If you have anything to ask from me, YOU COME TO ME. And unless I asked for it, I will put my job at the first place.

Today I finally cannot tahan and consulted a doctor. Too bad no fever cannot take MC for tomorrow wtf.

Resolution that kind of thing... Next post la ha.

Sleep first. Kthxbai.
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