Friday, 4 January 2013

Staff Gathering @ House, G Tower

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Weeks ago, the PA sent an email informing us we'll have a gift exchange event today so she let everyone of us draw a name and buy the person a gift.

And today is the day!

Take picture with my colleague sin =)

Pretty mou? Very geng wan ah... Wish to be successful like her some day =)

Shit lo forgot to take picture of the presents. Nor the food. #facepalm

Nev'mind. Lets skip the speech, staff introduction, and birthday wishing parts...

Time for gift exchange!!!

Biggest pressie!!! Given by a lenglui colleague somemore!!! ^_^

Soft cushion/pillow :D

I don't know what it is lah looked like a cross-breed of monkey and sloth lol.

Oh btw today is Friday (5), 4th of January (1) 2013 leh! It's 5-2013-1-4 which means "I love you forever" (我爱你一生一世) in Mandarin! No one confess to me la haha but random citizen, I love you too! My fellow readers, me love you more! xD
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