Monday, 14 January 2013

Today is NOT My Day :(

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Today my task is dued and I was doing final testing. I think I created an infinite loop wtf and my phone got blasted with nearly 200 sms wtf I nearly got the shock of my life.

During lunch hour I went to Ampang Park to mail out CNY cards (yea I only send out a few unless you are not so eco-friendly and you wanted one from me just let me know :p JOKING LA just leave me a message aye?) BUT I FORGOT TO BRING #soulmate's

We're suppose to try the Korean food at the food court in Ampang Park mall but I overlooked (眼大睇过龙) wtf I ordered fried rice instead. #facepalm Somemore I can't finish half of it omg so wasted T___T

Oh at least here's something worth some joy - I have registered as a voter! :D Luckily the post office in Ampang Park mall is available for registration... Yea it might be late but better be late than never right?

And then scumbag Visual Studio won't let me compile my work wtf I NEED TO DEPLOY IT LA WTF!

And just now I spent around 1 hour teaching mami how to retrieve her password for her gmail account, download photo from her fb to use as her google plus account's display picture and delete her photo downloaded at desktop wtf. I know I act like a douchebag T___T Patience is never my trait. Oh God please forgive my sin wtf.

And I thought things were getting better. I was kinda looking forward to Saturday's Orchestra, Swan Lake but Jann left a message at my fb saying the tickets are sold out wtf.

Nev'mind! I thought I can put my hope in this case - I won the Skytrex Adventure Comment Contest! :O OMG I'M GOING TO SKYTREX FOR A CHALLENGING ACTIVITY! Shit I haven't arrange my transportation yet wtf. And what else to prepare!!!

Ugh. Better get some sleep nao. Kthxbai!
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