Thursday, 28 February 2013

Down 27/2/2013

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Some condition in work.

Sadestestestestest case ever. I was so down I wanna go sing k like IMMEDIATELY wtf but where to find sing k kaki at this moment wor aih.

I thank God for giving me Jann. Coz I told her I'm very emo and I wanna go hang out somewhere I just don't want to go home that early and she said ok somemore agreed to fetch me from home *tears*

But nevermind la since Lemon wanna farewell with Jann and also because he's emo so he get to hang out with us coz today seems to be emo day wtf. And emo people ordered Chocolate Cream Chip wtf wtf. Yea that might be our emo drink lololol.

Ok la after yamcha I'm feeling better. =)

Side note: Thanks to papa for collecting the season passes for BMW Malaysian Open from Expatriate Lifestyle! I didn't know I could win lol coz I miscomprehended their tweet wtf.
4 Season Passes!
Story is like this. One fine day I saw a(n) RT by erjie that RT-ing the status from Expatriate Lifestyle BY 4PM CAPITAL LETTERS BOLD ITALIC UNDERLINE wtf to stand a chance to win the tickets. And I MISCOMPREHENDED it wtf I thought RT it AT 4pm omfg I don't even -_- so I really waited till 4pm to RT wtf wtf wtf. Then erjie told me I've won their contest zomg I can't believe it!

I gave 2 to papa and another 2 to Jann coz she's really interested =) I found that people around me very lucky la coz I always share the stuffs I won with them lololol.

Sweet dreams!
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Monday, 25 February 2013

Random Outing with Erjie~

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Got scolded coz didn't bring up erjie to Levain ._. Next time la k we go enjoy their cakes =)

I like KLCC's ladies parking lot coz they really hire security guards to control the visitors (last Saturday when we went to Tropicana City Mall, we parked at the ladies parking lot coz it was kinda empty ahaha wtf albeit there're male colleagues tagging along)

Went to Ki Ki Taiwan Cuisine to have dinner first
Ki Ki Taiwan Cuisine, KLCC
Food not bad! =D Still don't know why last time Jann couldn't decide where to have dinner and we ended up in Chinoz wtf damn suay.

And then we went to Foruchizu again hehehe xD

Btw, I found something Jann would like a lot! ^_^ Next time going out need to get Yin's birthday present jor hehe.

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Chap Goh Meh

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This year's Chap Goh Meh seems to be a bit boring. I spent 4 hours overnight to finish up my Pokeballs last night so today I woke up at 1pm. Getting better coz usually I woke up at 3pm leh!

So after online awhile and before mami went to grocery shopping, she told me our uncle (dad's younger brother) will come over with his family and asked me to tidy up the house to make space for them to sit wtf. I was like, dafuq?! They came to our house like, once or twice only for the past 24 years, what makes them come???

Doesn't matter, I'll be Harry Potter for one day.

But there's nothing to do in the room so I've decided to sleep till they left. Probably till Monday morning then I can have more than enough sleep and go to work with full energy lol wtf.

I slept until around 6pm then mami tried to wake me up coz she said my aunt booked a table to have dinner together at 8pm wtf! Whoa this is so odd wtf @@

So I get myself ready while playing WeChat again with #soulmate and decided that we should have another sing k session HOORAY!

My aunt kept saying my look doesn't change much.

My Pokemon/Pokeballs nail art managed to get me some attention from them too ahaha. In this case it's nothing to be proud of coz they can easily go for manicure a few times in O.P.I. nail bar in just a month and get something 100x better than mine. Unlike #soulmate I can easily awe her coz she doesn't know how to do these lololol wtf. And then my aunt continued chatting with mami, my uncle continued chatting with papa, my cousin sisters continued chatting among themselves, and we chatted among ourselves wtf.

And I got the biggest angpau compared to other people - In average, I have to get 10 angpaus to be equivalent to this 1 angpau my aunt gave.

Btw my cousin sisters are hot

I can only conclude that this is one odd Chap Goh Meh dinner I had.
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Pokemon Nail Art

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I've been abandoning my blog. I actually have 4 entries pending! All about lousang lol wtf.

Why would I update those stuffs? BECAUSE F YOU THAT'S WHY. Lol no la. Coz my blog is about ME ma right! ME and MY STUFFS and MY LIFE wtf. I don't care imma be a hipster and post all the entries and tell you what we ate and what we did wtf. People also publish photos on Facebook about their food lo, so why can't I show you what I eat in my own freaking blog jek!

Anyway back to today's topic. Previously I painted penguins on my nails for belated Valentine's. And it got me quite a lot of attention! From BU team and CTO wtf *feeling good hehe*

But it's already one week, the paint started to chip off and it's still showing the crying ghost face :3 so I've decided to try out another design - Pokemon!

Googled and found this and immediately decided to paint Pokemon =)
Pika~ Pika~ Pika~CHU!
Why you look so weird
Pokeballs - Gonna catch'em all!

Why ah people can paint till so pretty and smooth while mine is so rough =( Amateur jiu shi amateur. Sigh.

Both times takes up only 4 hours... With some chatting in FB and WeChat la LOL yea I just downloaded WeChat in my phone and played with #soulmate just now wtf it was hilarious! She said it's like how taxi driver talk over the mic wtf HAHAHAHAHA rotflshmsfoaidmt!!!

Wait I got all the photos then I'll update the pending entries ok.
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CNY CTO's Open House 23/2/2013

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It's my CTO's open house!

I nearly unable to go coz papa went to work and erjie needed a car to meet client this day but luckily she will only meet her client in the afternoon so she still get to send me to LRT Sri Petaling for my colleague to give me a ride.

Serena made the CTO to give attention to my penguin nails lololol.

My CTO's dad was so enthusiastic that he thrusted me a bottle of alcohol drink (apple cider something, 4.5% of alcohol wtf) do I look like someone who drink ah wtf...

Well. If the bottle is opened then I would have drink it geh xD So since it's not opened (and because I paiseh to open it up) so I put it together with other beers so whoever wanted to have a boost they can have it wtf.

I didn't wanna do anything so I just sat and watched other people gambled and the kids were playing Kinect Bowling. My CTO asked me what do I play coz I didn't join any of them and I replied I don't play games after thinking for awhile wtf #facepalm Ok since candy crush is a hit now I shall try on it some time...

And then my colleagues tried to fix me up with an ex-senior of my team wtf wtf wtf. #double-facepalm

And again, since no one knows when papa or erjie will go home so I suggested to watch a movie until there's someone available to pick me.

At Tropicana City Mall~

THIS MOVIE SUCKS BALLS. So boring and no surprises. Just like [REC]3. PUI. Wasting my money and time watching it.


Yea. Lesson learnt. Kthxbai.
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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Random Outing with Jann! 22/2/2013

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It's one hell of a busy day. I don't know why people like to do stuffs at the second half of the day.

Since papa wasn't able to pick me at the usual time, I ajak-ed Jann to spend some time with me. Pity Jann waited for me at the gas station for 1 hour!!!

Jann said she didn't wanna watch movie so we decided to go to this patisserie she mentioned last time. It's very near to Pavilion!

The staffs are decorating the trees
Nais indoor feel

Wondering when will her Mr Right comes?
You had one job
lol wtf
ALL the food looks great we wanted to try all of them so we took one of each - these are only breads! We're afraid we couldn't finish all so we decided to keep the cakes for our next visits hehe
Her most favourite coz it matched her necklace lol

They closed at 9pm and we had to dapao the rest of the breads and move to another place to lepak.

I suggested to go i-City lol it was too far so we can only go on some other days. It's late already and the only place will keep open till late night is - pubs/clubs! I remember there's a Library opposite of KLCC so we tried our luck there but we still couldn't locate it wtf. Nearly went to Stage at Avenue K but I know it charged for entrance fees so we didn't go as well. Switched to The Library at Mid Valley instead!

With our drink of the day - Sex on the beach

I tell you, this outing is one weird outing. Coz I felt like a couple of lesbians having their date wtf. In the patisserie we shared our bread and talked and laughed. Then in the bar we shared the drink and sat so closed wtf wtf if someone were at our tails that fella sure will misunderstood that we're in love wtf.

Anyhow Jann told me it's a great outing despite the fact that I left her waiting in the gas station for 1 hour ahaha I had a nice time too Jann!!! xD Also I came home to find this awaiting me!
GSC Complementary Ticket Voucher that admits 1 person

Fuyoh awesome! But I couldn't remember I won it from which contest ahaha.

Next time we go to Levain we'll order cakes! Stay tune!
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Friday, 22 February 2013

MK Company's Dinner 21/2/2013

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I wanna kill myself.

This is the day I've done the most mistakes in my working life. Um. Actually it started since yesterday. From preparing documents to submitting those documents and deployment. NONE OF THE PROCEDURES I'VE DONE CORRECTLY

Like that nevermind. I wanna kill myself more when we're at the restaurant where the company I'm working for organized the dinner.

Long story I didn't wanna repeat.

The dinner was at Maju Palace in Maju Junction Mall. We kinda lost in the mall coz it's really like a maze. Although not as bad as Sungei Wang.

The most important part - Lou Sang!
Photo credited to my new Philipino teammate (instagram here)

This is the 4th lou sang I had already. Please let my life go as smooth as possible. And a little good happenings to spice my life up. Ribuan terima kasih.

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

MK BU Lunch 20/2/2013

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Wah I've been stop updating my blog dy. What to do, my life is not happening!

Looks like I really shouldn't start Project 365 :p

Somemore I stopped winning movie tickets from Nuffnang. Very sien wan you know! It's either Tropicana City Mall or 1Utama. Damn far la weyh. Reached home also tired like hell dy. (Don't forget my last encounter in TGV IMAX 1Utama wtf I'm really old T___T)

Before CNY holiday started, my team had a discussion and they planned to have a CNY lunch together so they booked this place Dragon-i in Pavilion coz they have a discount of RM50 (everyone saw 50% discount wtf so misleading) for using Hong Leong Bank credit card upon ordering Treasure Pot (盆菜)

My team lead contributed a bottle of white wine woots~

But they've forgotten we have lion dance in our building today! It's already too late to change the reservation so the 2 colleagues of mine who wanted to see the lion dance went later.

Deng we waited for half an hour and when they reached they told us the lion was just about to dance when they left -_-

Back to Dragon-i. Not sure if it's that many people who ordered the same dishes as we did, coz they seemed to be so busy that our requests had to be attended after half an hour -_-

After we're done eating, they asked the waiter to serve us the wine glasses. And when it's about to pay, the waiter told us they'll charge RM20 for the wine glasses. I was like, dafuq?! RM20 only for the glasses?! And apparently it's normal coz my colleagues are like, "ok it's fine coz other restaurants will charge for the glasses as well" and yet we asked them to keep the tidbits and face towels to save some cost!!! O.O *unbelievable*

Ok at least I've learnt something. Either bring your own wine glasses or fking drink the wine from the bottle itself wtf. Nah just kidding la. At least I won't be open my mouth widely and ask why is there a charge for wine glasses if someday I were to bring a wine to a restaurant wtf.

Photos to be updated after I've got them from my team lead. If this entry is not updated, it means my team lead is too busy to give me the photos, or I'm plain lazy wtf.

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

MK Lunch Gang's Gathering

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Oops I skipped 2 entries dy.

Today we went to the house of my colleague to have potluck!
Food: 3 Dominoes pizza, onion rings, cheesy wedges, KFC, 3 Subway breakfast sandwiches, 2 Penang char kuey tiow, yee sang, siew yuk!
Drinks: 2 bottles of 1.5L softdrinks, 3 1L packet drinks and 6packets sugar cane

Very difficult to not gain weight lo.

My colleague's house got these big-headed stuff toys so cuuuute I can't resist taking picture with them!
With Yoyo & Cici and their daughter Cici Jr. while Tasya was with Blossom =)

Some candid shots before we start eating.
Yee Sang
Huat arr!

ps: Wah I lou sang for twice jor... Hopefully my life from this day onwards will get better la heee

Kinect Dance Central!

Kinect is sibeh cool! When I have my own house dy I sure will get one!!!

I get to play Guitar Hero 3 too but I lost coz I can't coordinate my fingers ahaha.

Coming we'll have BU CNY lunch, company dinner and another gathering at my CTO's house omgwtfbbq!
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Friday, 15 February 2013

Happy Birthday Bro~!

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First of all leh...


It's my brother's birthday but pity him coz all of us weren't at home to celebrate with him coz we're working/studying. Even tonight we're attending dad's friend's open house so ahkit wasn't able to blow the candles on his cake also.

Yea so we went to aunty Cindy's open house. I don't like my dad's friend, ah Hee coz he's an idiot. I mean, how can he asked my dad to Kepong and "wanna introduce some new goods (read: gals)" in front of his family! I hope he got herpes.

Btw tomorrow I have a special guest to my house... (omg if anyone sees this I can die wtf)
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First Try on Simple Nail Art

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Left my nails "naked" for Valentine's yesterday wtf.

Cannot tahan!

So die die also drew something on my nails.

Taken with my Hello Kitty phone
Shitty phone camera wtf background clearer than the object
Taken with my colleague's Lumia
I'm so going to change phone wtf

Didn't take a picture of right hand's nails coz they're drawn with left hand wtf ugly until ahma also cannot recognize wtf. Poor penguins became crying ghost :(

Nev'mind! Practice makes perfect! YOU WAIT!
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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

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Today is my cousin's birthday leh hahaha sounds like it has nothing to do with my title.

In fact I don't think whatever I wrote following will have any relevance with today's occasion.

Anyhow still have to wish all SWEETIEPIES (coz #soulmate seems like not happy with "cuppycakes" wtf) A C-WEET C-WEET VALENTINE'S DAY later #soulmate said I kedekut rahmat (wtf my Malay also damn good weyh!) or being sour-grape coz I got no dates today #foreveralone.jpg

Yesterday I was trying to paint my nails with cute designs in conjunction with Valentine's Day but my nail polishes have been kept for too long most of it can't be paint smoothly anymore :(

Anyhow! Jann settled her stuffs sooner than she expected :D so we managed to hang out in the evening! ^_^ Since ahba WC also #foreveralone like us then I asked him out also hee

At first Jann suggested going to somewhere near Pavilion to have dinner but I was too tired (read: lazy) to walk over there ahaha so I forced them to dine in KLCC instead.

Ended up in Chinoz which I regretted coz the price of the food is sky-high =x
Chinoz on the Park
Snap a lot of photos but most are repetitive ones so in a summary these are what we had

After dinner, we walked around a bit and then when I saw Isetan, we have sudden realization that ForuChizu is right in the Isetan of the building we're walking - and we did searching for their corner!
Sorry ah we both are just like small fans getting excited just looking at their stuffs wtf.

I guess that wrapped up how we spent our Valentine's Day. Pity WC just followed us around doing nothing ^^"
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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Life Advice

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It's still CNY mood la... Not many people working in this week also

This morning I asked my colleague to help me out with a technical problem, I felt like I wanna die.

So during our lunch hour, my senior colleague told me some of the advices she think is useful to us.

Well, basically it's about spending more time on what our passion are when we're young coz we don't have any commitment yet, and cut down the time spent on entertainment (wtf I terasa gaogao)

Not saying that spending ALL the time researching in work to build the career la but everything goes with "moderation". The difference is just that spending bigger portion of the time in work jek.

I felt like I'm a kid listening to a superhero's story la. When she said she invested money and time to build stuffs which people thought was a waste of time, money and energy, I felt upset for her; and then when she said the stuffs she did gave her a good job in return, I felt happy for her. Since when I become so emotional wtf.

So aim for achievement because at the end of the day, it gives you the right to brag about, the satisfactory of achieving something in your life, it safeguard your life when you're old coz you earn from your achievement while entertainment only gives you good memories and leaves you broke when you're old.

See I'm so good, sharing the advice I got.

Aih but knowing is one thing, doing is another thing... I don't even wanna stay at home at this phase :(
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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Movie Marathon WOOHOO!

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I haven't been able to donate blood since the first time I tried coz I either failed at the blood pressure or blood density.

Today since I have nothing to do (I forgot ahgor came to KL ahaha he better don't see this entry) I dragged sanjie and ahkit to go movie marathon with me~ That's where I saw the blood donation campaign!

We're suppose to watch 3 movies today leh but probably today's public holiday everyone went to watch New Year movies wtf the queue was so long as if people camped there to get the front seat for the movies wtf. Some somemore said doesn't matter what movies they have left, as long as they could watch something!

So plan changed lur. We watch 2 movies instead and used the time to have brunch. I brought ahkit to look around coz he couldn't make up his mind what to eat and we let sanjie queue for us, and that's how I found the campaign! :D

At first sanjie and ahkit kept telling me no need to go coz after we had our brunch we only have half an hour left, if I participate myself in this campaign then we might not be able to watch the movie in time... But something told me I have to do it! And yea I did it! :D
I forced sanjie to stay and take picture for me geh hee

So the these are the 2 movies we watched - Hotel Deluxe and Once Upon A Time!

Um. Better watch downloaded version la ha.
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Monday, 11 February 2013

2013 Chinese New Year

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Hola my cuppycakes, I'm back!

I suppose this CNY is not any better than previous year. Last year I didn't get to go back to hometown, nor see my grannies... But at least everything is as harmonious. This year I get to go back to mami's hometown and see GongGong PoPo but it's not as harmonious as before :(

Anyhow. We went to our grandparents' house on Saturday morning, supposedly on 4am as said, but my uncle hasn't arrive... I really stayed awake till 3am something lorh then I thought ok la just get some sleep so I went to bed. Aaaaand it's already 7.30am when I woke up!

After preparation and breakfast, the last time I saw in the car after we departed was 9.25am... And we spent like one whole day on the road! I remember last time we spent like 4 hours only @@ Maybe we went back at the peak hour that's why so many cars on the road, making the traffic jam...

And so we reached at around 6pm, had dinner, rest awhile and slept wtf. There goes my CNY eve.

And the next day (which was yesterday) we went to the 大伯公 temple at Sitiawan and we spent few hours on the road again wtf.

Nah here's the album!

And today we came home.
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Saturday, 9 February 2013

A-Lin - 我很忙

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Recent obsession ♥

Since this will be an empty scheduled post coz I'm away ma so might as well share this song la since I've been wanted to share for quite some time already

Shun bian collect new songs for my next sing k session :p

Btw, kbox should update their song list a bit... I wanna sing BFF! So 难得 #soulmate practiced leh!!!

不需要假期 我没地方可去
不需要狂欢 人群只是空虚
多数的关心 只是嘴上说说而已
我的眼睛 一做梦就看到你
我的生活 充满了和你有关的记忆
每每靠近 满城风雨
就让我忙得疯掉 忙得累到
就让我忙的忘掉 你的怀抱
当有人问好不好 怕伤心夺眶
这完美的谎 完美的伪装
才让我的痛 没人看到

我的眼睛 一做梦就看到你
你在哪里 曾是每天要问你的一句
我要戒断 这种恶习
就让我忙得疯掉 忙得累到
就让我忙的忘掉 你的怀抱
当有人问好不好 怕伤心夺眶
这完美的谎 完美的伪装
才让我的痛 没人看到

当一个麻痹的人 那有多好
工作是一种抵抗 一帖解药
当有人问好不好 怕伤心夺眶
这完美的谎 完美的伪装
才让我的痛 没人看到
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Some Gathering 9/2/2013

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I'm not quite sure how it's supposed to be named ahaha. Whatevs.

Look what I've found this morning in my company's pantry!
Bubble wrapper!!!
The legendary stress eliminator lol *pop*

This morning it rained adding to the gloomy state when everyone is in CNY mood and most of them has already taken leave *draw circle with finger in a corner*

This night I went to Kuan's house right after work coz we've planned to have a gathering before CNY (which is tonight) coz Jann is going to Japan on 1st of April and Kuan will start working soon and we might not have much time to gather!
Kuan posing with my dinner and her dessert

Will go back to mami's hometown for few days where it doesn't have internet connection so I'll update after I'm back! Departing later at 4am @@ Since there's still few more hours left, might as well just stay up then sleep in the car later... Somemore I haven't pack hee

Probably coming back on Tuesday hmm.

Ok la fellas...
Whoever wants blessings, HAVE A BLESSED SNAKE YEAR!
Whoever wants happiness, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Whoever wants wealth, GONG HEI FATT CHOY!

和谐和谐... 大家要学习呀!
(Peace ... Everyone must learn to live peacefully!)

Till then!
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