Monday, 11 February 2013

2013 Chinese New Year

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Hola my cuppycakes, I'm back!

I suppose this CNY is not any better than previous year. Last year I didn't get to go back to hometown, nor see my grannies... But at least everything is as harmonious. This year I get to go back to mami's hometown and see GongGong PoPo but it's not as harmonious as before :(

Anyhow. We went to our grandparents' house on Saturday morning, supposedly on 4am as said, but my uncle hasn't arrive... I really stayed awake till 3am something lorh then I thought ok la just get some sleep so I went to bed. Aaaaand it's already 7.30am when I woke up!

After preparation and breakfast, the last time I saw in the car after we departed was 9.25am... And we spent like one whole day on the road! I remember last time we spent like 4 hours only @@ Maybe we went back at the peak hour that's why so many cars on the road, making the traffic jam...

And so we reached at around 6pm, had dinner, rest awhile and slept wtf. There goes my CNY eve.

And the next day (which was yesterday) we went to the 大伯公 temple at Sitiawan and we spent few hours on the road again wtf.

Nah here's the album!

And today we came home.
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