Sunday, 24 February 2013

Chap Goh Meh

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This year's Chap Goh Meh seems to be a bit boring. I spent 4 hours overnight to finish up my Pokeballs last night so today I woke up at 1pm. Getting better coz usually I woke up at 3pm leh!

So after online awhile and before mami went to grocery shopping, she told me our uncle (dad's younger brother) will come over with his family and asked me to tidy up the house to make space for them to sit wtf. I was like, dafuq?! They came to our house like, once or twice only for the past 24 years, what makes them come???

Doesn't matter, I'll be Harry Potter for one day.

But there's nothing to do in the room so I've decided to sleep till they left. Probably till Monday morning then I can have more than enough sleep and go to work with full energy lol wtf.

I slept until around 6pm then mami tried to wake me up coz she said my aunt booked a table to have dinner together at 8pm wtf! Whoa this is so odd wtf @@

So I get myself ready while playing WeChat again with #soulmate and decided that we should have another sing k session HOORAY!

My aunt kept saying my look doesn't change much.

My Pokemon/Pokeballs nail art managed to get me some attention from them too ahaha. In this case it's nothing to be proud of coz they can easily go for manicure a few times in O.P.I. nail bar in just a month and get something 100x better than mine. Unlike #soulmate I can easily awe her coz she doesn't know how to do these lololol wtf. And then my aunt continued chatting with mami, my uncle continued chatting with papa, my cousin sisters continued chatting among themselves, and we chatted among ourselves wtf.

And I got the biggest angpau compared to other people - In average, I have to get 10 angpaus to be equivalent to this 1 angpau my aunt gave.

Btw my cousin sisters are hot

I can only conclude that this is one odd Chap Goh Meh dinner I had.
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