Sunday, 24 February 2013

CNY CTO's Open House 23/2/2013

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It's my CTO's open house!

I nearly unable to go coz papa went to work and erjie needed a car to meet client this day but luckily she will only meet her client in the afternoon so she still get to send me to LRT Sri Petaling for my colleague to give me a ride.

Serena made the CTO to give attention to my penguin nails lololol.

My CTO's dad was so enthusiastic that he thrusted me a bottle of alcohol drink (apple cider something, 4.5% of alcohol wtf) do I look like someone who drink ah wtf...

Well. If the bottle is opened then I would have drink it geh xD So since it's not opened (and because I paiseh to open it up) so I put it together with other beers so whoever wanted to have a boost they can have it wtf.

I didn't wanna do anything so I just sat and watched other people gambled and the kids were playing Kinect Bowling. My CTO asked me what do I play coz I didn't join any of them and I replied I don't play games after thinking for awhile wtf #facepalm Ok since candy crush is a hit now I shall try on it some time...

And then my colleagues tried to fix me up with an ex-senior of my team wtf wtf wtf. #double-facepalm

And again, since no one knows when papa or erjie will go home so I suggested to watch a movie until there's someone available to pick me.

At Tropicana City Mall~

THIS MOVIE SUCKS BALLS. So boring and no surprises. Just like [REC]3. PUI. Wasting my money and time watching it.


Yea. Lesson learnt. Kthxbai.
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