Thursday, 28 February 2013

Down 27/2/2013

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Some condition in work.

Sadestestestestest case ever. I was so down I wanna go sing k like IMMEDIATELY wtf but where to find sing k kaki at this moment wor aih.

I thank God for giving me Jann. Coz I told her I'm very emo and I wanna go hang out somewhere I just don't want to go home that early and she said ok somemore agreed to fetch me from home *tears*

But nevermind la since Lemon wanna farewell with Jann and also because he's emo so he get to hang out with us coz today seems to be emo day wtf. And emo people ordered Chocolate Cream Chip wtf wtf. Yea that might be our emo drink lololol.

Ok la after yamcha I'm feeling better. =)

Side note: Thanks to papa for collecting the season passes for BMW Malaysian Open from Expatriate Lifestyle! I didn't know I could win lol coz I miscomprehended their tweet wtf.
4 Season Passes!
Story is like this. One fine day I saw a(n) RT by erjie that RT-ing the status from Expatriate Lifestyle BY 4PM CAPITAL LETTERS BOLD ITALIC UNDERLINE wtf to stand a chance to win the tickets. And I MISCOMPREHENDED it wtf I thought RT it AT 4pm omfg I don't even -_- so I really waited till 4pm to RT wtf wtf wtf. Then erjie told me I've won their contest zomg I can't believe it!

I gave 2 to papa and another 2 to Jann coz she's really interested =) I found that people around me very lucky la coz I always share the stuffs I won with them lololol.

Sweet dreams!
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