Friday, 8 February 2013

Everybody Just CNY Mood!

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Holy shit... I was suppose to update this entry last night... Now my posts seem to be backdated wtf.

I went to bed straight when I reached home and slept through the night! @@

And then I had a bad dream T___T Not nightmare! Nightmare is the kind of dream that you'll scare until you wake up in the middle of the night sweating all over your body. Nope, it's just a bad dream. I screamed again and as if it's not enough, I bite on something until I hurt my gum :( Not literally hurt my gum la it's just a feeling that I hurt it. FYI when I was young and had arguments with my siblings, when I couldn't argue over them, I'll bite their bolster/pillow until my gum hurts coz pillow won't hurt ma so when my gum hurts then only I felt like they're hurt too ahaha child's logic. From my past experience, no matter how stressed I was, I just screamed in my dream. Maybe in reality I have nowhere to let my scream out la ahaha but in my dream, I just screamed. This time I bite something till I hurt my gum. Wonder what it indicates :(

• - - - - - - - ๑ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ۩ ๑ - - - - - - - •

WHOA... I cannot believe, my teammates and other business unit (BU) members took such long leave - starting from today!

Which means, there'll only be me going to work during CNY! o.O

While people going back to CNY, I'm sitting at office chair here... Do my work okay! #masturbatingspidey

Ok gotta start working dy. Gambateh!
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