Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Life Advice

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It's still CNY mood la... Not many people working in this week also

This morning I asked my colleague to help me out with a technical problem, I felt like I wanna die.

So during our lunch hour, my senior colleague told me some of the advices she think is useful to us.

Well, basically it's about spending more time on what our passion are when we're young coz we don't have any commitment yet, and cut down the time spent on entertainment (wtf I terasa gaogao)

Not saying that spending ALL the time researching in work to build the career la but everything goes with "moderation". The difference is just that spending bigger portion of the time in work jek.

I felt like I'm a kid listening to a superhero's story la. When she said she invested money and time to build stuffs which people thought was a waste of time, money and energy, I felt upset for her; and then when she said the stuffs she did gave her a good job in return, I felt happy for her. Since when I become so emotional wtf.

So aim for achievement because at the end of the day, it gives you the right to brag about, the satisfactory of achieving something in your life, it safeguard your life when you're old coz you earn from your achievement while entertainment only gives you good memories and leaves you broke when you're old.

See I'm so good, sharing the advice I got.

Aih but knowing is one thing, doing is another thing... I don't even wanna stay at home at this phase :(
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