Thursday, 21 February 2013

MK BU Lunch 20/2/2013

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Wah I've been stop updating my blog dy. What to do, my life is not happening!

Looks like I really shouldn't start Project 365 :p

Somemore I stopped winning movie tickets from Nuffnang. Very sien wan you know! It's either Tropicana City Mall or 1Utama. Damn far la weyh. Reached home also tired like hell dy. (Don't forget my last encounter in TGV IMAX 1Utama wtf I'm really old T___T)

Before CNY holiday started, my team had a discussion and they planned to have a CNY lunch together so they booked this place Dragon-i in Pavilion coz they have a discount of RM50 (everyone saw 50% discount wtf so misleading) for using Hong Leong Bank credit card upon ordering Treasure Pot (盆菜)

My team lead contributed a bottle of white wine woots~

But they've forgotten we have lion dance in our building today! It's already too late to change the reservation so the 2 colleagues of mine who wanted to see the lion dance went later.

Deng we waited for half an hour and when they reached they told us the lion was just about to dance when they left -_-

Back to Dragon-i. Not sure if it's that many people who ordered the same dishes as we did, coz they seemed to be so busy that our requests had to be attended after half an hour -_-

After we're done eating, they asked the waiter to serve us the wine glasses. And when it's about to pay, the waiter told us they'll charge RM20 for the wine glasses. I was like, dafuq?! RM20 only for the glasses?! And apparently it's normal coz my colleagues are like, "ok it's fine coz other restaurants will charge for the glasses as well" and yet we asked them to keep the tidbits and face towels to save some cost!!! O.O *unbelievable*

Ok at least I've learnt something. Either bring your own wine glasses or fking drink the wine from the bottle itself wtf. Nah just kidding la. At least I won't be open my mouth widely and ask why is there a charge for wine glasses if someday I were to bring a wine to a restaurant wtf.

Photos to be updated after I've got them from my team lead. If this entry is not updated, it means my team lead is too busy to give me the photos, or I'm plain lazy wtf.

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